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"Now Is The Time To Stand Up": Armed Activists, Militiamen Seize Federal Wildlife Refuge Office In Oregon


One American's Rage Spills Over: Dear Liberal... Here's Why I'm So Hostile

"Lately, I must admit that my hostility towards your political ilk has ramped up, pretty dramatically...Everything that modern liberalism accomplishes is accomplished at the barrel of a government rifle...What angers me the most about you is the eagerness with which you allow the incremental enslavement to occur. I have the utmost respect for a slave who is continuously seeking a path to freedom. What I cannot stomach is a free man who is continuous seeking a path to servitude by willingly trading his freedom for the false sense of security that government will provide."

The Battle Between Manufacturing And Services

As we start the new year, there is a debate raging within the market.  No the debate isn’t whether there is weakness in the manufacturing economy, that is taken as a given, especially after Friday’s awful Chicago Purchasing Manager number of 42.9. Instead, the debate boils down to this: 'bears' believe the manufacturing economy and the service economy act in conjunction with each other – that one cannot turn, without the other; 'bulls' view each segment of the economy as relatively independent and they highlight the size of the service economy relative to the manufacturing. The answer lies in the missing cog - the 'wealth' economy.

If Companies Are Telling The Truth, Profit Margins Are About To Collapse The Most In The 21st Century

if companies are being honest about their intentions to raise wages, then US corporate profitability is about to fall off a cliff. As the chart below from JPM shows, the difference between "intentions to raise prices" less "intentions to raise wages" - a proxy for operating margins - has not been this negative in the 21st century.

Oil Spike Risk: Iran Police Use Water Cannon On Angry Protesters Near Saudi Consulate

Bank of America Explains How Central Banks Rigged And Manipulated The Market

"Essentially central banks, by unfairly inflating asset prices have compressed risk like a spring to unfairly tight levels. Unfortunately, the market is aware the price of risk is not correct, but they can’t fight it, and everyone is forced to crowd into the same trade. By manipulating markets they have also reduced investors’ inherent conviction by rendering fundamentals less relevant."
- Bank of America

Derailed? What Rail Traffic Tells Us About The U.S. Economy

Rail volumes provides a mixed picture of the US economy at this point: oil & gas and mining-related sectors are taking a real beating, some consumer sectors seem to be holding up and there are signs of weakness in the housing sector. 2016 should witness some type of a resolution here.

From $500,000 To $170 Million In A Few Months: The Next "Subprime Trade" Emerges

Ever since it started making complicated bets against some leveraged ETFs, Miller’s Catalyst Macro Strategies Funds has since grown from $500,000 in assets at the start of the year to about $170 million. It achieved a more than 50 percent return this year, placing it far ahead of its competitors.

"Divine Vengeance Will Befall Saudi Arabia," Iran Warns, As Global Outcry Over Execution Grows

The flames of sectarian violence have been thorougly fanned in the Mid-East after Saudi Arabia killed a prominent Shiite cleric in the largest mass execution carried out by Riyadh in a quarter century. As protesters torched the Saudi embassy in Tehran, the Ayatollah warned that "the Almighty God shall not ignore the innocents’ blood and the unjustly spilled blood will backfire on the politicians and the executives of this regime very quickly."

ISIS: The 'Enemy' The US Created, Armed, & Funded

To delve into Daesh’s convoluted money trail, one must first explore its equally convoluted origins. And in both areas, the role of the U.S. and its allies can not be ignored.

The Incredible Shrinking Benefits Of Massive Japanese Money Printing

 Something is wrong with this picture...


from W.i.S.E 1984:

You Tube comments to consider:
W.i.S.E 1984 1 hour ago (edited)
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Yea Right 44 minutes ago
Well CNN is all over it top story…..not good… Reeks Gun control… Right before Obama rolls out his plan…The shit is Starting…well back to work Monday….. Today will be the News turn to ramp up the agenda…
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Getting Murdered for Telling the Truth About the Israeli Masterminded 9/11 False Flag

from Care and Washing of the Brain:

“If you want to know who was behind 9/11, follow the money” ~ ‘Splitting the Sky’ is/was a political activist who spoke truth to power, especially about the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.
Listen to a wise First People, ‘Splitting the Sky’ tell the truth about 9/11.
From November 2008. At the 19 minute mark, STS says he could be killed for exposing this murderous
“Please, if someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall – don’t fall for it!” ~ Splitting the Sky
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Nigel Farage’s car wheels ‘were sabotaged in an assassination attempt': Ukip leader lost control of Volvo when wheel fell off on motorway… and police confirm foul play

from Daily Mail:

Nigel Farage fears he has been the victim of an assassination attempt after his car was sabotaged, causing a terrifying motorway crash.

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The Flaw in Social Security

from The Sovereign Investor:

Over the holidays, I spent plenty of time with friends and family. It was the typical holiday weekend for us: playing football in the backyard, seeing family from all over town and out of state. I even managed to venture out to catch the new Star Warsmovie.
But I don’t bring this up to brag about my family fun. It’s the unusual conversation I had with my grandma that I want to discuss.
As we were catching up on how things were going, we ended up a bit off topic, talking about the government and how it was difficult to live off Social Security.
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Business in the Midwest Takes Worst Hit since July 2009

from Wolf Street:

Ugly, ugly, ugly. Manufacturing and non-manufacturing.
Thank God that manufacturing is just 12% of US GDP, and that it contributes only $2.1 trillion to the economy, and that only 9% of the US workforce is directly employed by it, according to the National Association of Manufacturers. So a swoon in manufacturing isn’t by itself going to crush the US economy. That’s the meme surrounding the ugly reality that has been spreading through US manufacturing.
And the Chicago Business Barometer just added another very ugly detail to the overall image, but this indicator goes far beyond manufacturing.
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Fukushima: TEPCO Seeking Melted Nuclear Fuel Update

from MsMilkytheclown1:


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