Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iran Seizes 2 US Navy Boats, Crewmen For "Illegally Entering Iranian Waters"

Last-Hour Buying-Panic Saves Nasdaq From Longest Losing Streak In 31 Years

Here's Why Automaker Stocks Are Falling (Despite The Media's Exuberance)

How can it be that automaker stock prices are tumbling given that auto sales (if one listens to CNBC) are surging, that (if one listens to the CEOs) everything is awesome for automakers, and (if one listens to Phil LeBeau) there is no bubble in auto credit? The answer is simple... (you just don't want to admit it)

93% Of American Counties Haven't Recovered From The Recession

"Overall, the county economies recovered on all four indicators by 2015 still represent only 7 percent of all county economies. In contrast, almost 16 percent of county economies had not recovered on any indicator by 2015."

WTI Slides After API Reports Massive Build In Gasoline & Distillate Inventories

With the seasonally drawdown-prone December completed, we begin seasonally build-prone January with expectations for a 2mm barrel build. However, according to API, both total and Cushing inventory levels tumbled (-3.9mm and 300k respectively). Great news - so why is crude tumbling? Simple - massive builds in end-products again with Gasoline up a massive 7mm barrels and Distillates up 3.6mm barrels. Having ramped off sub-$30 levels aftwr NYMEX closed, and lifted by the Iran-US news, WTI is sliding back rapidly.

You Know Negative Interest Rates Are Bad When...

...the Swiss canton of Zug is asking its citizens to delay paying their taxes for as long as possible, because the cantonal government doesn’t want to take in a pile of cash, only to end up paying the bank interest on all the tax revenue.

Meet "Beware" - The New Police Tool That Data-Mines Your Life

When it comes to life on planet earth in 2016, it increasingly feels as if we are all livestock constantly being monitored, prodded and surveyed by the oligarchy and its minions. The latest example revolves around a software program for police called Beware, developed by Intrado, which consists of a secret algorithm that determines an individual’s threat levels based on a multitude of unknown factors.

Why Does America Need Guns?

Welcome to the "do as I say, not as I do" democracy...

Chinese Shipyards "Vanish" As Baltic Dry Collapses To New Record Low

Another day, another plunge in The Baltic Dry Index, which just dropped a further 3.1% to 402 today - a new record low. While the index is driving headlines, under the surface, reality in the shipping (and shipbuilding) industry is a disaster. Total orders at Chinese shipyards tumbled 59% in the first 11 months of 2015, and as Bloomberg reports, with bulk ships accounting for 41.6% of Chinese shipyards’ $26.6 billion orderbook as of December, there is notably more pain to come, as one analyst warns "Chinese shipbuilders won’t be able to revive even if you try breathing some life into them."

This Is The Biggest EBITDA Drop Outside Of A Recession Since 2000

As BofA admits, "we are increasingly concerned with this trend, as on an unadjusted basis non-commodity earnings growth has been negative 2 of the last 4 quarters, representing the worst 4 quarter average earnings growth in a non-recessionary period since late 2000."

After Noble, Here Are The Next 18 US Energy Companies To Be Junked

Following Noble Group's downgrade to junk and "Enron moment," we thought it worth considering who is next to be junked?

This Is What Happens When Every German Googles "Pepper Spray"

While mace may be effective as a kind of groper-be-gone defense tactic, it's not much help against a Kalashnikov...

The Company Behind LA's Methane Disaster Knew Its Well Was Leaking 24 Years Ago

Last fall, a 7-inch injection well pipe ruptured 500 feet below the surface of Aliso Conayon in Los Angeles, after ferrying natural gas for six decades. The resulting methane leak is now being called one of the largest environmental disasters since the BP oil spill, has pushed thousands of people out of their homes, and has quickly become the single biggest contributor to climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions in California. But it's not the first time this well sprang a leak - and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas), which owns and operates the well, knew it.

WTI Crude Crashes Under $30 After EIA Cuts Demand, Increases Production Forecast

In yet another hit for the energy complex, EIA just cut their global oil demand forecast to 95.19 million barrels a day this year (down from 95.22 million in December’s outlook). The energy agency also increased its forecast for global production to 95.93 million barrels a day (up from 95.79 million last month). This pressured WTI Crude back off a brief bounce and pushed it to a 20-handle at $29.97 for the first time since December 2003.

Virginia Senator: "Saudi Arabia And Turkey Are The Greatest Threats To World Peace"

“I believe that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the two greatest dangers to world peace. It is Saudi Arabia, through the Wahhabist doctrine, that is spreading terrorism across the globe. It’s not Iran, it’s not Syria or any other country.”

Are We Entering an Earnings/Sales Recession?

from Of Two Minds:

Are corporate profits due for a retest of the lower channel line? If so, what happens to equity valuations when corporate profits plummet?
Is the U.S. economy in recession? Is it heading for recession? These questions can only be answered in hindsight, but it’s worth looking for clues to what might be just ahead.
Longtime correspondent B.C. recently submitted a chart of corporate earnings and one of real demand and time deposits (a measure of money) and real final sales.
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Monsanto’s whored-out journalists exposed: Amy Harmon, Keith Kloor, Tamar Haspel and more

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:

Connecting the dots between the writers of pro-agrichemical pseudo-journalistic pieces and the funding that fuels their endless propaganda isn’t always easy work. But thanks to the efforts of the U.S. Right to Know group, which advocates for mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we now have the inside scoop about a few prominent journalists who have apparently sold their souls to the chemical industry in exchange for a cash payout.
A new report focuses on three individuals in particular – Amy Harmon, Keith Kloor and Tamar Haspel – all of whom seem to support the unmitigated use of unlabeled GMOs in the food supply, and who also can’t understand why people oppose hidden biotechnology in their food. The reason for these positions, of course, is that all of these individuals are bankrolled by the biotech industry, and now we have solid proof.
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The Financial Crisis Of 2016 Rolls On – China, Oil, Copper And Junk Bonds All Continue To Crash

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Never before have we seen a year start like this.  On Monday, Chinese stocks crashed once again.  The Shanghai Composite Index plummeted another 5.29 percent, and this comes on the heels of two historic single day crashes last week.  All of this chaos over in China is one of the factors that continues to push commodity prices even lower.  Today the price of copper fell another 2.40 percent to $1.97, and the price of oil continued to implode.  At one point the price of U.S. oil plunged all the way down to $30.99 a barrel before rebounding just a little bit.  As I write this article, oil is down a total of 6.12 percent for the day and is currently sitting at $31.13.  U.S. stocks were mixed on Monday, but it is important to note that the Russell 2000 did officially enter bear market territory.  This is yet another confirmation of what I was talking about yesterday.  And junk bonds continue to plummet.  As I write this, JNK is down to 33.42.  All of these numbers are huge red flags that are screaming that big trouble is ahead.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media continues to insist that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
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Open Letter to the Banks

by Keith Weiner, GoldSeek:

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase
Brian T. Moynihan, Bank of America
Michael Corbat, Citigroup
On Friday, I attended a digital money summit at the Consumer Electronics Show. I am writing to you to warn you about the disruption that is about to occur in banking. There are many startups (and larger companies too) that are gunning for you. Perhaps you have watched what Uber has done to the taxi business? Well, these guys are planning the same thing for the banking business.
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Are You A Threat? Police Software Scans Your Social Media: “Very Dangerous For a Citizen”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will never hurt me.
That old rhyme has been conventional wisdom for those bred in common sense and thick skins. But that world is fading away.
Its replacement is a now-cemented system of political correctness, ideological division, egg shell floors and, of course, always listening, always watching “big brothers” and “parental supervisors” who keep a look out, even if they assume you are doing nothing wrong.
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Sales Surge After U.S. Mint Quadruples Silver Eagles Allocation

by Mark O’Byrne, Gold Core:
American Eagle silver coin sales jumped on Monday after the U.S. Mint said it set the first weekly allocation of 2016 at 4 million ounces, roughly four times the amount rationed in the last five months of 2015, after a surge in demand.
More than half of the week’s allocation sold on Monday, the first day of 2016 sales, the mint said, a sign that demand remains strong as spot silver prices hovered above a 6-1/2-year low of $13.60 per ounce hit in December.
The mint said nearly 2.76 million ounces of American Eagle silver bullion coins sold, about half of the 5.53 million ounces that sold in all of January 2015.
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What Bernie and The Donald Portend

by Patrick J. Buchanan, The Burning Platform:
Three weeks out from the Iowa caucuses, and clarity emerges.
Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, is in trouble.
Polls show her slightly ahead of socialist Bernie Sanders in Iowa, but narrowly behind in New Hampshire. And the weekend brought new revelations about yet more classified and secret documents sent over her private email server when she was secretary of state.
Between now and November, she will be traversing a minefield, with detonations to be decided upon by FBI investigators who may not cherish Clinton and might like to appear in the history books.
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Ammon Bundy Breaks His Silence with Dave Hodges

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

On January 10, 2016, Ammon Bundy was to have been a guest on The Common Sense Show.
The Common Sense Show interviewed Ammon Bundy and this time, the feds were not able to interfere. This interview came the day after the feds took down the communications of The Common Sense Show as well as the Patriots led by Ammon Bundy.
Both the established contact with the Bundy camp and the facilitation of the interviewed was secured by the health reporter of The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan.
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ISIS Psyop Reaches New Heights: Now Offering Western Mass Media Story Analysis

by Bernie Suarez, Activist Post:

First let me remind readers that ISIS or the Islamic State, the proxy army created by Western Intelligence to usher in their new world order, is the lifeline of the new world order. Without ISIS there will never be a new world order. ISIS is so central to the new world order plans that the name is now permanently etched into US mainstream media news consciousness and deeply entrenched into the psyche of brainwashed Americans who still believe mainstream media news.
ISIS is now so deeply entrenched into the daily mainstream media news that the psyop has now reached new heights.
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“Time For A Gold Standard…?” – Bloomberg

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:
Bloomberg suggests bringing back the gold standard.
How’s that for a non sequitur? In fact, it’s not. Nor is it some typo. Today Bloomberg mused out loud about bringing back a gold standard, and its prognosis was that this might not be a bad idea.
No, no one has slipped some LSD into your morning coffee. No, apparently no one at Bloomberg has been consuming any hallucinogens, or other psychedelic drugs either. The caveat here is that Bloomberg doesn’t think that a gold standard should be for everyone, and certainly not the United States. Just one country: China.
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