Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WTI Crude Plunges Back To $30 Handle - Drags US Stocks Lower

Crude carnage continues and despite the best efforts of the USDJPY pumpers, US equity markets are tumbling along with oil (and copper)...

Fed "Policy Error" Panic Continues

With rate-hike odds plunging for every meeting across 2016, and bond yields collapsing almost as fast as stocks, it appears the market's faith in the The Fed is faltering fast...

Dow Gives Up "China Is Fixed" Gains As WTI Crashes To New Cycle Lows

Well that escalated quickli-er...

This Is What Happens When Every German Googles "Pepper Spray"

While mace may be effective as a kind of groper-be-gone defense tactic, it's not much help against a Kalashnikov...

The Arrests Begin: Sweden Police Scramble To Respond To Refugee Sex Assault Coverup

In the wake of a series of articles published over the weekend which suggested that both the police and the media in Sweden engaged in a coverup to conceal a series of sexual assaults from the public, authorities are in damage control mode. As the arrests begin, it seems likely that the far-right will capitalize on the scandal by blaming the mainstream parties for failing to protect the country's youth.

Are We Entering an Earnings/Sales Recession?

Is the U.S. economy in recession? Is it heading for recession? These questions can only be answered in hindsight, but it's worth looking for clues to what might be just ahead.

Loonie Lurches To 13 Year Lows As Crude Nears '2' Handle

Today's renewed plunge in WTI Crude (on the verge of a '2' handle any second) has extended the Canadian Dollar's weakness (among many other oil producers). For the first time since early 2003, the Loonie is worth less than 70c... (anyone for skiing?)

That "Savage" Deleveraging: Global Debt 2000-2015

That savage deleveraging - it has been truly... epically... unnoticeable...

The Chinese Central Bank Just Pulled A Martin Shkreli

Recall how the worthless KaloBios stock soared from almost nothing first to $10, then to $20 before finally peaking in the mid-$40s: the reason for that is that Martin Shrekli, since arrested, proceeded to buy  ever more of the KBIO float, making shorting first prohibitively expensive, and ultimately, impossible when he owned virtually all of the float. The PBOC did just that overnight...

Bank Of America Is "Confused" Why Retail Spending Refuses To Pick Up

This is the title of its latest piece looking at retail spending paterns based on its credit and debit card data: "Confusingly cautious consumer." Here is why BofA so confused by the cautious consumers.

Crude Curve Collapses - Market Sees Sub-$50 Oil Through 2021

The crude curve has just collapsed, especially since the rebound after China’s Golden Week reprieve ended around October 15. As Alhambra's Jeff Snider notes, the entire futures curve is under $50, an upsetting commentary on everything from US "demand" to long-term implications and especially those that are derived from economists’ somehow continued insistence that this is all just "transitory."

What’s Next For Stocks After Record New Year Week 1 Hangover?

U.S. stocks logged the worst week ever to kick off a new year; is this historically low reading on the “January Barometer” a bad omen going forward?

Dramatic Clip Captures Raid On World's Most Notorious Drug Lord

US Equities' Overnight Bounce Is Biggest January Surge Since 2005

What goes down, must bounce dramatically higher... and all because PBOC squeezes Yuan short-sellers and unsustainably "stabilizes" outflows with 'temporary' capital controls...

After "Murderous" Squeeze, China Boosts Capital Controls By Ordering Banks To Limit Yuan Outflows

Now that China renewed its currency devaluation over the past 2 weeks with the CNY and CNH both plunging and unleashing the latest round of cross-asset selling across the world, it was only a matter of time before China boosted, or at least tried to, capital controls once again. Which according to Bloomberg it did moments ago: when it "asked banks to limit Yuan outflows." Actually, since all Chinese banks are at least partially state-owned, change that "ask" to "order." Here are the details.

The Financial Crisis Of 2016 Rolls On – China, Oil, Copper And Junk Bonds All Continue To Crash

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Never before have we seen a year start like this.  On Monday, Chinese stocks crashed once again.  The Shanghai Composite Index plummeted another 5.29 percent, and this comes on the heels of two historic single day crashes last week.  All of this chaos over in China is one of the factors that continues to push commodity prices even lower.  Today the price of copper fell another 2.40 percent to $1.97, and the price of oil continued to implode.  At one point the price of U.S. oil plunged all the way down to $30.99 a barrel before rebounding just a little bit.  As I write this article, oil is down a total of 6.12 percent for the day and is currently sitting at $31.13.  U.S. stocks were mixed on Monday, but it is important to note that the Russell 2000 did officially enter bear market territory.  This is yet another confirmation of what I was talking about yesterday.  And junk bonds continue to plummet.  As I write this, JNK is down to 33.42.  All of these numbers are huge red flags that are screaming that big trouble is ahead.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media continues to insist that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
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White House Chief Just Let Slip The Massive Thing Obama Has Planned BEFORE His Term Ends

from Western Journalism:

Seven years after he authored a doomed-to-fail executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, President Barack Obama is making the closure of the facility a priority for his final year in office, a top aide said Sunday.
“He feels an obligation to his successor to close that, and that’s why we’re going to do it,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said on Fox News Sunday.
In the wake of Obama’s use of executive orders on immigration and gun control, Fox show host Chris Wallace highlighted the presidents disregard for the role Congress has in legislative action.
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from The Daily Sheeple:

Ask yourself this: how much of what you see in “the news” in a given day is real?
Last week was an insane welcome to President Obama’s new gun control executive actions. To put it in perspective, let’s take a look at the week’s events which helped transition it.
The Week Before
On December 31st, outgoing Education Secretary Arne Duncan gave his last speech at St. Sabina’s in Chicago.
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Meet “Beware” – Feds Now Calculating Your Threat Score

from Zen Gardner:

If anyone doesn’t realize Americans especially, and rapidly other nations, are living in a full-on Orwellian fascist surveillance state they better wake up. This recent news story should curl anyone’s hair with how they’re utilizing what they’re gathering on citizens to “calculate your threat score”, something subject to arbitrary interpretation and easy tampering to accomplish whatever they want and control or incarcerate whomever they want.
And all of this justified in the public and even law enforcement minds by the vast array of false flag terrorism events and staged shootings. Problem – Reaction – Solution in full blown action.
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