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"If All The Markets Crashed Tomorrow" - Here Are The Cheapest Hedges For A Systemic Collapse

"Gangs" Of "All-Male" Moroccan Migrant Children “Take Over” Stockholm Train Station; Steal, Grope, Beat Women

"Stockholm police estimate that at least 200 Moroccan street children move in the area around the main train station in the centre of the capital, sleeping rough, and living off criminal activity. They grope girls between their legs, and slap them in the face when they protest. All police officers are aware of this."

Presidential Crimes Then And Now

In the US the rule of law, and with it liberty, have been lost. With few exceptions, Americans are too ignorant and unconcerned to do anything about it. The longer the rule of law is set aside, the more difficult it is to reestablish it. Sooner or later the rule of law ceases even as a memory. No candidate in the upcoming election has made the rule of law an issue. Americans, even well informed ones, dramatically over-estimate the knowledge of presidents and the neutrality of the information that is fed to them by the various agencies and advisors. Information is power, and presidents get the information that Washington wants them to receive.

As US Inflation Expectations Plunge And Converge With Europe's, Here Is One Way To Trade It

As the FED may find it impossible to finalise their plan for 4 rate hikes this year (25bps each in March, June, Sept and Dec, of which ~40% is priced in by markets currently), due to inflation expectations plummeting in addition to recession in US manufacturing, Oil, Commodities, China, EMs etc.. the 5y interest rate differential may have to capitulate and compress over the course of 2016.

Gold Fund Manager Laments The Big Payoff "Will Not Be Cause For Celebration"

"Our winnings are not going to come from the backs of politicians who sold out their constituents in mountains of debt; it's not going to come from the bankers who loaded up their balance sheets with trillions of dollars of derivatives... Our winnings will come on the backs of innocent people around the world whose prices will rise as their wages fall.. it's going to come from the people who wake up one morning to find their savings have been devalued or bailed-in... it's going to come from the pension funds of teachers and firefighters. The irony is that when gold finally pays off - it will not be a cause for celebration."

Don't Say You Weren't Warned (Again)

“What The Fed did, and I was part of it, was front-loaded an enormous market rally in order to create a wealth effect… and an uncomfortable digestive period is likely now.” – Former Dallas Federal Reserve Governor Richard Fisher – January 5, 2016.
Deeply concerning to us, and apparently now to Mr. Fisher, is the degree of excessive optimism embedded in current prices.

The "Real" Donald Trump - A Fascinating Interview From 1990

A President Trump is far more likely to occur in our lifetimes than many want to admit. His chances ride on the fact that the current system is terminally corrupt, as well as socially and economically bankrupt. It will crash and burn, whether in slow motion like the past eight years, or very rapidly over the next several. Someone will likely step in to fill this void. In 1990, Donald Trump conducted a lengthy interview with Playboy Magazine. It provides an absolutely fascinating window into the man’s mind...

Offshore Yuan Drops To 3-Week Lows As China Injects Another $70 Billion Liquidity

Following the afternoon weakness in US equities, Offshore Yuan has been limping lower into the fix, not helped by comments from a MOFCOM researcher that "China is able to withstand currency fluctuations" implicitly warning carry traders to stay away and suggesting the dollar's dominance would not last long. CNH is now at 3-week lows against CNY, over 300pips cheap - which prompted the major short squeeze last time. Chinese stocks are modestly lower but more worrying is the 7-day slide in Chinese corporate bond yields - the most in 2 months - hinting perhaps that the last bubble standing is bursting.

Is There A "Fourth Revolution" On The Horizon In America?

In stark but simple terms, unless Americans are made aware of this financial crisis and demand accountability, the very fabric of our society will be destroyed.

Billion Dollar Baby Bye Bye - Theranos Lab Found "Deficient"

Gundlach Slams Yellen: "The Market Will Humiliate You"

In just 44 somewhat anger-and-frustration-filled seconds, DoubleLine's bond guru Jeffrey Gundlach unleashes some very uncomfortable truths on Janet Yellen and the "idiots" at The Fed... "they have got to dial this [hawkish] rhetoric back or the markets are going to humiliate them."

The Marketing Of The American President

When it comes to political entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than presidential election season in the United States. Edward Bernays, the father of modern public relations, examined it in 1928, in his book Propaganda. "Politics was the first big business in America,” he declared, and political campaigns are “all side shows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches.” The key to victory is the manipulation of public opinion, and that is achieved most effectively by appealing to the "mental clichés and emotional habits of the public."

20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab "Leaks" Deadly Virus In Ukraine

Amid the so-called "ceasefire" in Ukraine, yet ongoing shelling in many regions, the Donbass news agency reports that more than 20 Ukrainian solders have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized after an apparent leak of a deadly virus called "California Flu" from a US lab near the city of Kharkov.

Chinese Rush To Buy Foreign Assets As Mammoth $1 Trillion In Capital Flees Country

When the RMB deval dust settled, some $1 trillion in capital fled China in 2015 as Chinese rushed to move money out of the country ahead of what many expect will be a much larger yuan depreciation. Estimating capital flight out of China isn't an exact science and different analysts look at different proxies to determine just how leaky the ship is, so to speak. For their part, Goldman has endeavored to break down the numbers on the way to shedding some light on where to look to assess the pace of the flows.

The Fed Passes The Buck: Blame Oil And China

Contrary to those blaming the Fed for causing stocks to fall by “raising rates” (which Joe Salerno reflects on here) we want to stress the fact that, in raising rates, the most that the Fed could do is unravel previously made mistakes. In other words, there is nothing praiseworthy in the first place about artificially propped up stock market levels. We have no interest in lauding the longevity of the bubble, because the bubble is the enemy of the healthy economy. The collapsing equity markets reveal where bubbles were formed and that our alleged prosperity is an illusion. And this is precisely what former Dallas Fed Chairman Richard Fisher stated in a conversation on CNBC last week when he confessed: “We frontloaded a tremendous market rally to create a wealth effect.”

Crude Crash Crushes Stock Knife-Catchers - Bonds & Bullion Bid

"Don't Overstay Your Welcome In This Bounce": JP Morgan Crushes Last Week's Exuberance

"Our take was that perhaps up to half of the earlier decline could be unwound. We believe, though, that one should not overstay one’s welcome in the bounce. The medium-term risk-reward for equities has worsened significantly, in our view, and the risk of a downside economic scenario is far from adequately priced in."

Why You Should Question "Buy-And-Hold" Advice

Retail investors generally buy an off-the-shelf portfolio allocation model that is heavily weighted in equities under the illusion that over a long enough period of time they will somehow make money. Unfortunately, history has been a brutal teacher about the value of risk management.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Global Environment Laws -Agenda 2030: The Environment Chapter

from Congressional Dish:

In the third and final episode in our Trans-Pacific Partnership series, we take a look at the TPP Environment Chapter; would the treaty actually improve enforcement of environmental laws around the world?

Top-Down “Solutions” = Institutionalized Serfdom, Bottom-Up Solutions = Reviving Opportunity

from Of Two Minds:

If the “solution” doesn’t enable the accumulation of capital in all its forms by individuals and households, it isn’t a real solution–it’s just another top-down scheme that institutionalizes subsistence serfdom.
Phrases like reviving the American Dream emit the lingering stench of empty political rhetoric mouthed by bought-and-paid-for candidates. But if we wave aside this foul smell, we’re left with a very profound topic: reviving broad-based opportunity.
Longtime collaborator Gordon T. Long and I discuss what it will take to revive opportunity in a new 27-minute video Reviving the American Dream.
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Anarchy Works!

by Eric Peters, Eric Peters Autos:

“Anarchy” is one of those words that many people react to emotionally – having been conditioned to do so.
The word has become generally synonymous with chaos and disorder. Dog eat dog. As EPautos’ king troll (Clover; see here for more about him) puts it, anarchy means “do whatever the hell you like.”
Well, no.
Anarchy, strictly defined, means simply the absence of government.
It does not mean people won’t – much less can’t – govern themselves.
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Jim Bianco: "The Markets Are Telling Us There's A Severe Issue Out There"

"There is some truth to the phrase that the stock market has predicted nine of the last five recessions... but that is a much better track record than the consensus of economists. Every time the financial markets get volatile and messy like this it deserves attention because the markets are trying to tell us that there is a severe issue out there."


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