Saturday, January 2, 2016

Obama Declares He Will Act Unilaterally on Gun Control: ‘Congress Still Hasn’t Done Anything’

from CNS News:
In his first weekly address of 2016, President Barack Obama expressed dismay that the U.S. Congress had not enacted gun control legislation he desired, so now he is planning to act unilaterally on the matter.
“This Friday, I’ll be thinking about my friend Gabby Giffords, five years into her recovery from the shooting in Tucson,” said Obama. “And all across America, survivors of gun violence and those who lost a child, a parent, a spouse to gun violence are forced to mark such awful anniversaries every single day.
“And yet Congress still hasn’t done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families,” he said.
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Re-Branding Dissent - The Quiet Destruction Of Democracy

The Global Over-Class have decided that Democracy is a threat to their wealth and power and have more than likely given some thought to how best to neuter it while appearing to do no such thing. Simply put, in their minds, we cannot any longer allow you to choose unwisely! The key problem for the Over Class is that no matter how much they might like to, they cannot just come out and say dissent – aka radically different opinion – is a bad thing. Being able to hold a dissenting opinion, even a radically dissenting opinion, is, after all, the core of democratic freedom.

Monopoly Much? America's Largest Utility Hikes Rates Most In 9 Years Despite NatGas Price Crash

Happy New Year Californians - behold the power of monopoly and regulatory capture.

Will the US Economy Collapse in 2016? Predictions and Preparations

by Eric Blair, Activist Post:
Is 2016 the year our financial system fully collapses?
It seems like the alternative media always predicts that an economic collapse is coming. In many ways we’ve been right, but in many ways we’ve been wrong. Sure, mathematically, the debt-based monetary system is headed for disaster, and clearly certain parts of the economy are already experiencing major declines. However, we have to admit that our breathless annual predictions of a major economic collapse have been wrong.
I guess it all depends how you define economic collapse. The oil industry is currently experiencing a collapse. Brick and mortar retail is in collapse. Fast food is also hemorrhaging. And financial institutions are shedding jobs faster than ever. If you’re in one of these fields, you probably feel like the collapse is happening all around you.
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Saudi Arabia Carries Out Largest Mass Execution In 25 Years After Beheadings Soar In 2015

Saudi Arabia - that Western-backed bastion of human rights - executed 47 people on Saturday, including a top Shiite cleric whose death sparked protests in Eastern Province and inflamed s

Database of 191 Million U.S. Voters Found on the Internet

from RTAmerica:

Protesters Set The Streets On Fire In Bahrain After Saudis Kill Top Shiite Cleric

Kyle Bass Suffers "Worst Year In The Last Ten", Reveals His Best Investment For The Next "3-5 Years"

Iin an interview to be aired tomorrow on Wall Street Week, Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass says that "this has been one of the worst years in the last ten"as a result of his dogmatic views on energy prices. And yet, instead of backing out the Texan is doubling down: "If you are going to allocate capital for the next three to five years, you should do it now" into the energy space over the next 6 months. Will he be right this time? Find out in 12 months.

A "Witch's Brew" Bubbling In Bond ETFs

We believe the Credit Cycle has turned and with it will come some massive unexpected shocks. One of these will be the fall out in the Bond Market, centered around the dramatic growth explosion in Bond ETFs coupled with the post financial crisis regulatory changes that effectively removed banks from making markets in corporate bonds.  It is a ‘Witch’s Brew’ with a flattening yield curve bringing it to a boil.

Putin Names US As Threat To Russian National Security In New Strategy Document

"The strengthening of Russia happens against the background of new threats to the national security [while] conducting an independent policy has triggered a counteraction from the USA and its allies," Russia's new national security strategy document reads. While the Western media has been quick to say that the new appraisal is further evidence of deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington, an objective take may tell a different story.

Stunning Drone Footage Of The Midwest Flooding Wreaking Havoc On US Oil

After the first deadly winter storm this season, now come the floods: the near record-water level across the U.S. Midwest has disrupted everything from oil to agriculture, forcing pipelines, terminals and grain elevators to close. Here is the stunning drone's-eye footage capturing the unprecedented water level across much of the US Midwest.

Why Did The Pentagon Falsify Reports About Military Successes In Fight Against ISIS?

We hope that the special group of the House of Representatives will identify not only the scale of the fraud reports about the results of the coalition activity against terrorism, but also those persons who are responsible for these misconducts, as well as their motives. The international community wants to know who exactly Pentagon supplies with weapons and what installations it bombs.

Something Went Wrong In Baltimore

It has been a bloody year in Baltimore, that much everyone knows, but as The Economist shows, something changed dramatically after Freddie Gray's death in April...

Carmen Reinhart Warns "Serious Sovereign Debt Defaults" Are Looming

As 2016 begins, there are clear signs of serious debt/default squalls on the horizon. We can already see the first white-capped waves.

2016's Planet Of The Aches

Some 'aches and pains' are constraining the global economy, with JPMorgan warning of more severe strains occurring in the emerging world. These aggravating but generally not life-threatening conditions are meant to convey a slow growth world, but, JPM is careful to note, not one on the immediate precipice of collapse or recession. The key issue for 2016 then is whether economic illnesses in emerging markets will result in contagion in the developed world as "dollar altitude sickness" and "earnings anemia" do little to support the domestic 'immune' system.

Noble Group’s "Collateral Margin Call"

It is not Liquidity that banks are asking but for more Collateral from Noble starting this year because they also understand that this MTM gain on commodity contracts and derivatives of Noble will unlikely be realized at more than 10% and therefore is not valid collateral for the trader’s working capital borrowing base requirements.

George Soros Is About To Overthrow The U.S.

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

President Barack Obama is expected to take executive action on gun control, possibly as soon as next week, according to gun control advocates.


by Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins:
As I opened my mail the other day, I was informed that my health insurance premiums would rise over 20% in the new year of 2016. A few weeks earlier I had received a notice that because I did not have Obama-approved health insurance in 2014, that I would have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines in the form of a tax. I am ones of the tens of millions of Americans that this is happening to. America is starting to wake up to the ugly truth of what life under a Socialist-funded regime is going to be like.
Recently, the Obama administration released figures for a modest 7.5% increase in the cost of health insurance for 2016, but they were highly and intentionally skewed numbers. The actual amount, as I found out first hand, is over 20%.
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