Monday, September 7, 2015

DANGER: The Global Collapse Is Now Accelerating

from KingWorldNews:
The major indexes are up nearly 200% since the March 2009 low. Today Wall Street has plenty of cheerleaders, but a lot less to cheer about: Stocks are far less attractive than they were on that day in 2009 and this bear has a lot longer to run.
First, stocks that were over-hated in 2009 are now over-loved. This is evidenced by margin debt which is at all-time highs (notice extreme negative credit balance shown in red for the years 2000, 2007 and the extremes of 2015!).
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Chinese Stocks Extend Losses As PBOC Weakens Yuan First Time A Week

Following Monday's roller coaster of manipulated market machinations, perhaps China's leadership will keep its mouth shut tonight and just "monitor" the situation. Japan's opening 300-point flash-smash has now been eviscerated back to unchanged, Chinese stocks look set to open lower as Margin debt rose for the first time in 13 days (likely thanks to CSRC telling retail investors to "come back in, the water's fine.") As markets anxiously await China's trade data - which will either confirm the collapse or confirm the manipulation (given the utter devastation in Taiwan and South Korea trade data), the PBOC fixes Yuan weaker after 5 straight days of stronger fixes and injected another CNY150 billion in 7-day rev repo.

Japan's Nikkei Flash-Smashes 400 Points Higher In Milliseconds After Abenomics Gets Three-Year Extension

Whether it is due to thin holiday liquidity, due to the BOJ intervening just ahead of its usual time, because Japan's "legendary" Twitter trader "CIS" just went bullish (again), because prime minister Abe just learned he would be reinstalled as head of his ruling LDP party because no challenger had emerged unleashing three more years of unchallenged Abenomics, because Japan's Q2 GDP was just revised modestly higher (to a less negative number) or just because this is how the New Normal rolls, moments ago the Nikkei flash smashed higher some 400 points higher, in a well-choreographed algorithmic frenzy, to take out Friday's high stops.

What Will It Take To Set Off Your Alarm Bells?

What does it take to make you sit up and take notice of the problems surrounding society today? The events of the past few weeks should have been a warning shot across the bow for many. Our financial and distribution systems are in a delicate balancing act right now and any sudden shifts could send them tumbling off the cliff rendering the services they perform extinct in a matter of hours. What will it take to make you respond to the many crises taking place today?

Majority of Brits Would Vote for Brexit Amid EU Migrant Crisis

from RT:

In Bed With The Despotic House Of Saud

In hot spot after hot spot in the Middle East, U.S. and Saudi objectives and priorities diverge, even if in some loose sense they are considered to be on the same side. It ought to be astounding that a place this far removed from the liberal democratic values with which the United States likes to be associated, even without considering the aforementioned divergence of objectives elsewhere in the region, still is considered a close partner of the United States. The usual, and to a large degree valid, explanation is that, as Friedman puts it, “we’re addicted to their oil and addicts never tell the truth to their pushers.”

Experimental GMO Wheat Crop Fails to Deter Pests

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Biotech’s claims that genetically modified crops are more resistant to bugs seem to be dismissed like yesterday’s pastries, especially when their crops so obviously fail to deliver on the promise. So why are farmers still planting GM seed?
In a recent biotech debacle, a UK-based biotech company wasted over $5 million on an experimental GM wheat trial.
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Happy "$15 Minimum Wage" Labor Day From McDonalds

Coming to, or rather from, every forced "minimum wage" provider near you.

33 Fascinating Facts On U.S. Currency

The United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes approximately $696 million in currency each day. Amazingly, according to their very fitting website, in the fiscal year of 2014 they printed over $2.2 billion in $1 bills alone. It’s good practice, because with concerns of deflation circulating around Europe and Asia, the Feds may want to put the printing presses into overdrive.

Syria: Imperial Responsibility, Imperial Conscience

The hypocrisy is self-evident. That the U.S. has covertly supported the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria is an open secret. That there are no American boots on the ground (at least officially) does not absolve the U.S. of partial responsibility for the refugee catastrophe unleashed by the Syrian war. Empire comes with responsibilities, and it should come with conscience. The U.S. is not a passive observer in Syria. Those of us outside the Deep State have no idea what's been done or supplied or promised in the name of the American people. Shall we accept 5% responsibility for events in Syria? That equates to 5% of 4 million refugees or 200,000 refugees. Of the estimated 4 million Syrian refugees, the U.S. has accepted a mere 1,500.

In Gold We Trust - 2015 Edition

Monetary history, staggering mountains of debt, demographic problems, metrics relevant to the gold market, central bank debauchery and currency debasement in all their terrible glory, and even the beer price of gold – the latest Incrementum "In Gold We Trust"chartbook has it all...

Trump Surges Past "Almost Apologetic" Hillary As Presidential Front-Runner, Latest Poll Shows

Despite the liberal media spinning Hillary's non-apology as bringing her closer to the American public, it appears her presidential campaign took another shot to the chest this weekend. Not only does Bernie Sanders keep rising in the polls, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton head-to-head, garnering 45% support versus 40% of his Democratic rival, according to a new national poll.

The Danger Of Eliminating Cash

In the early days of central banking, one primary objective of the new system was to take ownership of the public's gold, so that in a crisis the public would be unable to withdraw it. Gold was to be replaced by fiat cash which could be issued by the central bank at will. This removed from the public the power to bring a bank down by withdrawing their property. A primary, if unspoken, objective of modern central banking is to do the same with fiat cash itself.

Radar Image Said To Reveals Nazi "Gold Train" Final Resting Place

Until now the two men who have supposedly discovered the final resting place of the Nazi "Gold Train" had kept their identity secret, fuelling suspicion that their claims were a hoax. This week, they finally revealed themselves to the Polish media. “We have clear evidence of the train,” said Mr Koper from reading a short prepared statement, adding they had found it by using “our own resources, eyewitness testimony and our own equipment and skills.” As proof of their discovery, the men released an image taken with ground penetrating radar purportedly showing an armoured train.

The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

Why are the global elite buying extremely remote compounds that come with their own private airstrips in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the planet?  And why did they start dumping stocks like crazy earlier this year?  Do they know something that the rest of us don’t?

Chuck Norris "Exhausted" By Iran Nuclear "Antics", Walker May Launch "Pre-Emptive Strikes"

"We’re exhausted by your antics and empty promises. If we so much as sniff continued nuclear development, we are going to covertly and overtly stop you, even if that means military action and pre-emptive strikes on your nuclear facilities."

In Major Escalation, Washington Demands Greece Blocks Its Airspace For Russian Flights To Syria

Today the US made a dramatic diplomatic escalation ahead of what is now assured to be the second major showdown between the US and Russia in Syria, over a Qatari gas pipeline no less, when according to Reuters, it asked Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria, a Greek official said on Monday, after Washington told Moscow it was deeply concerned by reports of a Russian military build up in Syria.

China Accelerates Dumping Of Treasuries As Elite Prepare For The Collapse – Episode 760a

from X22 Report:

Three Corporations Run the World: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

from Sinhalanet:
World events most of which are ‘engineered’ leave a trail that leads to the architects. We next discover that there are 3 cities on earth that come under no national authority, they have separate laws, they pay no taxes, they have their own police force and even possess their own flag of ‘independence’. These 3 cities control the economy, military onslaughts and the spiritual beings of those in powers. The 3 cities are actually corporations and they are the City of London, District of Columbia and the Vatican. Together they control politicians, the courts, educational institutions, food supply, natural resources, foreign policies, economies, media, and the money flow of most nations as well as 80% of the world’s entire wealth. Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale where people will be divided into rulers and the ruled after they have depopulated the world to numbers they wish to rule over. What we need to understand is that the world does not work according to what we have been led to believe. We are drowning in misinformation.
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from Yahoo News:
A shipping container stolen from Montreal’s port this week may have been found in Repentigny, Que. — but the $10 million in silver inside of it at the time of the heist is nowhere to be found.
The Maersk container lifted from the port was found on Saturday afternoon on St-Paul Street in Repentigny, a small city just off the northeast tip of the island of Montreal.
It appears to have been detached from the semi-trailer — also stolen — that was carrying it, and left on the side of a residential street.
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image: hat tip: James

Putin Tells the TRUTH About Syria, Assad & The Refugee Crisis

from StuartJHooper:

Perth Mint Silver & Gold Sales August 2015

from Smaulgld:
Perth Mint silver sales were down 13.6% in August year over year. Perth Mint gold sales were down 13.7% in August year over year.
Silver Sales at the Perth Mint in August 2015.
The Perth Mint sold 707,565 ounces of silver in August down 13.6% from 818,856 ounces sold in August 2014.
August 2015 silver sales at the Perth Mint were down 5.2% from 746,700 ounces sold in July 2015.
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AMC movie theaters go ‘full Orwellian’ by broadcasting message that asks moviegoers to report ‘suspicious characters’

from Natural News:
While there have been mass shootings at two movie theaters in the U.S. in recent times, such incidents remain extremely rare, but it isn’t out of the realm of common sense for theater companies to take extra measures in order to keep patrons safer.
However, one theater company, AMC, has gone far beyond what many Americans might consider customary security measures. As reported by WKMG in Orlando, Fla., AMC wants patrons to report anyone they deem as “suspicious,” without, of course, providing said patrons with any guidelines or directives in how to distinguish “the suspicious” from “the non-suspicious.”
In full, the message states, “If you happen to see any suspiciously strange characters or bad agendas, report them to our crew.”
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Deceptive Transformation: The Truth of Soviet Influence in America and Gun Control

by David Risselada, Freedom Outpost:

Forward: If there is one thing that has become obvious when it comes to President Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” it is that there is without a doubt, an agenda to disarm American citizens and do away with the Second Amendment. Many Americans make the mistake of believing that this is Obama’s agenda alone, and that he is primarily responsible for the rapid pace at which America is descending into chaos. This may be true on some levels, particularly when it comes to advancing the agenda through community organizing type tactics; however, it is safer to say that Obama was selected by the global elite to put the finishing touches on an agenda that began long ago and is now reaching its culmination. Sadly, many Americans have been so “dumbed down” through propaganda, education and entertainment that they will never have the wherewithal to do the necessary research and accept the truth that we have been sold out to foreign interests, and understand that no single election will fix this country.
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