Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Major Humiliation For Obama, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria

The latest twist in what we have been warning for months has the makings of the biggest proxy shooting war in years, one that will come as a major humiliation to the Obama administration, today we find out that none other than America's most recent diplomatic sweetheart in the Gulf region, Iran, has deployed ground soldiers into Syria in the past few days in cooperation with Russia's President Vladimir Putin. 

US Military Admits It "Misplaced" Black Plague Samples

"We're trying to be as forthcoming as we can be right now without alarming the public"...

Caught On Tape: Donald Trump Asked About Libertarianism

The "real" Donald Trump revealed once again...

A Libertarian Stand On Immigration: Refugees and Migrants In A World Of Government Meddling

The topic of immigration has become increasingly pressing but, unfortunately, the libertarian movement has not reached a consensus on this issue. But it should be easy, considering how government is at both ends of the problem: government is the number one reason people choose to escape their countries, whether because of governments’ war or devastating poverty due to the lack of opportunities in regulated markets; and government is the reason ordinary people, in a desperate state because their lives have been forcefully uprooted, have a hard time choosing where to lead their lives in peace. The desperation is due to the so-called “failings” of their own governments, and augmented by ours.

Kerry Picks Clinton Donor To Be State Department's "Email Czar"

Kerry reportedly assigned an “email czar” in an effort to ensure that the State Department promptly responds to an onslaught of record requests without directly undercutting Clinton and the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runner. Kerry could not have picked a better team player. Janice Jacobs is a big Clinton fan who contributed $2,700 to the Hillary for America presidential campaign fund, Federal Election Commission records obtained by JW show. Can we really expect her to be fair and objective as the new gatekeeper of Clinton’s records?

Why Don't You Explain this To Me Like I'm 5...

What the pundits attempt to do is have you focus on the forest from an inch away. While the endless optimism of the talking-heads, most recently that the selloff in developed equity markets has gone too far, each offering up various 'narrative' reasons to support their claim; simply put, they are full of tragic flaws. Allow us to color-code this for all those market "pros" and PhD "economists" who haven't been able to follow the premise over the past several months...

Study Shows CIA’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Insult is Losing its Power

from corbettreport :

This Is Bad News For Market Manipulators

It appears the "go to" manipulation to rig stocks higher - the so-called VIXtermination algo - has lost its juice...

China Fixes Yuan Stronger After Premier Li Says "No QE" Amid Record High, Surging Pork Prices

Despite the biggest intervention surge in offshore Yuan on record ("predatoring" any excess speculative fervor on PBOC actions in the spot market), a 'PBOC Advisor' noted that "long-term FX intervention was not their target." The Hong Kong Dollar is pressuring the strong-end of its range against the USD, trapped between the USD peg and weak economy (like so many others). Chinese stocks continue to tread water as China's Premier Li rules out QE (perhaps because pork prices are already at record high prices and are rising at a record pace), exclaiming that there "well be no hard landing," but BofAML expected 50-100bps more RRR cuts this year. PBOC strengthened the Yuan Fix tonight (just modestly).

Anyone Who Believes The COMEX Numbers Is Very Naive (They Are Much Worse!)

Following our detailing the Comex gold futures to deliverable physical gold ratio that is now north of 200:1, several correspondents noted that "they are probably bluffing...based on JPMorgan's previous lies, the real number is likely significantly higher than 200:1." History tells us that all Ponzi schemes and market interventions fail, and it appears we are on the cusp of a massive failure in the scheme to cover up the truth about the precious metals market.

We Now Know What Happened At 6:12 AM This Morning

In a day in which the total breakdown of the market and the sheer dominance of various HFT algos was painfully obvious for any remaining carbon-based trader forms to see, we started off with not one but two E-mini trading halts following ridiculous buying slams. As a result, first thing today we asked "what exactly happened at 6:12am?" We now know.

Goldman Fears "Government Shutdown" Is Looming As Lew Urges Congress "Raise Debt Limit ASAP"

With Treasury Secretary Jack Lew sending a letter to Congress this evening demanding they raise the debt limit as soon as possible, warning that cash balances have dropped below the "minimum target," it is perhaps less than surprising that Goldman Sachs is warning that a government shutdown at the end of the month has become much more likely over the last several weeks. While out-months in VIX (beyond the prospective shutdown) remain elevated, Goldman finds a silver-lining claiming that the effect of a potential shutdown on financial markets and the real economy would probably be modest if it did occur. We shall see...

Nomi Prins: Mexico, The Fed, & Counterparty Risk Concerns

This level of global inter-connected financial risk is hazardous in Mexico, where it’s peppered by high bank concentration risk. No one wants another major financial crisis. Yet, that’s where we are headed absent major reconstructions of the banking framework and the central bank policies that exude extreme power over global economies and markets, in the US, Mexico, and throughout the world. Mexico’s problems could again ripple through Latin America where eroding confidence, volatility, and US dollar strength are already hurting economies and markets. The difference is that now, in contrast to the 1980s and 1990s debt crises, loan and bond amounts have not just been extended by private banks, but subsidized by the Fed and the ECB.  The risk platform is elevated. The fall, for both Mexico and its trading partners like the US, likely much harder.

Presenting 3 Chinese "Endgame Scenarios"

Spoiler alert: none of these scenarios end well...

The UN's "Sustainable Development Agenda" Is Basically A Giant Corporatist Fraud

On September 25th, Pope Francis will address the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. To much fanfare, the Pope will celebrate the unveiling of the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. A key plank of this agenda relates to the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs. While this sounds all warm and fuzzy, several well meaning participants have become horrified by the extent to which multi-national corporations have influenced the entire process. So much so, that insiders are claiming the UN is actually marginalizing the very people it claims to be saving. The poor, the weak, and the voiceless.

What Bubble? 6 Castles That Are Cheaper To Rent Than An Apartment In NYC Or SF

As we have noted numerous times in the past, there is a Bull market in serfdom. America's Renter Nation has never spent more of its paycheck on rent and as Zumper notes, with rent prices in San Francisco and New York at the highest in the nation, affordability does not seem to exist in these two metropolitan areas. For some idea of the scale, there are actually castles in France and Italy that can be rented for about the same price as average apartments in these cities...

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" - Top Performing Hedge Fund Manager Compares China To The Predator

"Being bearish on China for the last few years has reminded me of the 1987 action classic "Predator". For bears, much like the alien in Predator, the Chinese government has continually used special abilities that were previously unknown. Bearish investors in China had been picked off relentlessly and seemingly effortlessly by the government and the central bank. But then just as suddenly, the stock market started to sell off and the pressure on the currency began to build. This led to the small devaluation we saw in the Renminbi in August."

Iran Cuts Crude 'Selling Price' To Asia To 3-Year Low

In what appears to be a bid to lure Asian buyers to lock in longer-term supplies, Reuters reports that Iran has cut its quarterly selling price (for its flagship 'light' crude) to its lowest (relative to Saudi) since Q4 2012. According to recent tanker loading data, Iran's oil sales in September are set to hit a six-month low, and this price reduction is just one of the steps taken by the OPEC producer to ramp up output and regain market share lost since U.S. and European sanctions aimed at its nuclear program cut its crude oil exports by more than half.

Why Apple’s Launch Event Was "Creepy As Hell"

The Apple Launch is a closed circle of fawning sycophants, thrilled with gimmicks, adapted to computers, programmed, a throng of identical authentic individuals chained to their machines and congratulating themselves on being ‘connected,’ led by a human that resembles a robot. Two hours of watching the Apple Launch actually made the Manson Family seem homey.

Mapping A Migration: An Infographic Look At Europe's Refugee Crisis Response

Did Small Investors Get Fleeced in the 1089-Point Plunge on August 24?

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade:
On Monday, August 24 the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 1089 points within the first few minutes of trading. Close to half of that loss was recouped by the closing bell when the Dow clocked in with a loss of just 588 points. So if the small investor didn’t panic, he made out okay, right? Not necessarily.
Small investors frequently have in place standing stop-loss orders that are sitting on the stock exchange order books to sell a stock at a pre-determined exit price that is lower than the current market to “stop” further losses. Once the target price of the stop-loss order is reached, the order automatically becomes a market order and is executed at where the market happens to be. In properly functioning, orderly markets, this would typically mean the stop-loss order would be executed at, or close to, the designated target price. In flash-crash markets, on the other hand, it’s a recipe to be robbed in broad daylight.
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Forget The Lies, Oil Is Radically Under-Priced

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:
Many readers (even intelligent ones) are confused and misinformed about the real dynamics in our commodity markets because of the fact they are completely unaware that there are three separate components of supply:
a) Current production
b) Inventories
c) Stockpiles
Of course one of the reasons for this confusion/misunderstanding is because the Corporate media goes out of its way to avoid explaining this, because it makes it much, much easier to lie about these markets. While one could easily use precious metals as the example to illustrate this point, an even better (and more important?) example is the global oil market.
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EXPOSED: Coalition Forces Continue To Arm The Very Same Terror Threat They Claim To Fight!

from Spiro:

Don’t be fooled by phony coalitions who claim to be fighting terror infact many members are actually arming training funding protecting etc these same extremist groups that are used to take your rights & make everyone a criminal under this police state.

The U.S. Police State: How The United States Has Become Its Own Worst Nightmare

from Criminal Justice Degree Hub:


Sharia Law Is Replacing the U.S. Constitution

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
Yes, we should be concerned about how Islam is being exported in a wholesale fashion to the modern nations of the world. Muslims have before have settled in European countries before and with disastrous results.
As the world fixates on Muslim migration throughout Europe, we are losing sight of what is happening in our own backyard. As we fixate, courtesy of the mainstream media, the events in Europe, American communities are being overrun by a group of radicals who are dedicated to wreaking havoc.
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Is Comex gold really being critically drained?

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
Zero Hedge reports tonight that the gold ready for delivery from Comex warehouses against Comex gold futures contracts has fallen to the lowest amount on record, leaving 207 ounces in paper gold claims for every ounce of real metal ready for delivery:
Your secretary/treasurer would like to believe that this signifies that the gold available to the paperhanging market riggers is nearly exhausted and that the exchange will resort to cash settlement within hours. But to believe this you would have to believe that Comex data is accurate and not contrived to give false impressions; that the U.S. government won’t keep advancing official-sector gold through its agent bullion banks as necessary; and 3) that such advances aren’t easily implemented by, among other mechanisms, borrowing custodial gold from the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and moving it across the street (or, rather, under the street) to the vault of JPMorganChase & Co., the U.S. government’s agent in all sorts of surreptitious market interventions.
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Republicans AND Democrats: Enemies Of The Bill Of Rights

from Western Journalism:
Conservatives are once again having a field day over a video produced by conservative media analyst Mark Dice.
Back in 2013, Dice released a video of him asking Obama supporters to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights. Almost everyone he asked signed the petition.
Now, Dice has released a new video of him asking supporters of Hillary Clinton if they agree with her plan to repeal the Bill of Rights. There is no such plan, of course; but the video shows person after person agreeing that it would be a good idea to repeal the Bill of Rights.
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The US Economy Is One Giant Bubble

from Peter Schiff:

Oil Suddenly Gets Ugly in Mexico

from Wolf Street:
Mexico’s energy revolution could prove to be a bitter pill for the vast rump of the Mexican population, who stand to lose out on billions of dollars of annual state funds provided by the newly privatized but financially crippled oil company Pemex.
But where there are losers, there are inevitably winners. In this case the biggest beneficiaries will be some of the world’s largest oil and gas majors — particularly those in the U.S. — and well-connected local politicians. Chief among them is former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada, whose private equity firm Energy and Infrastructure Mexico (EIM) has just signed a joint venture with Aubrey McClendon, former CEO of natural gas giant Chesapeake Energy and current CEO of American Energy Partners (AEP).
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Why Central Banks Are Pressing Investors To Hold Gold

by Claudio Grass, Gold Silver Worlds:
It has been nearly three years since we published our first Outlook Report in December 2012. Since the beginning of our publication, we have focused on different aspects of the gold market and have analyzed what moves the gold market. In this article, we would like to re-examine some of the topics that we had previously discussed and analyze whether any of our assumptions have changed.
Financial Repression
Financial repression has been a frequently discussed topic since our first publication. During that period, many of the measures we had warned about are now in place or events have already taken place. A good example is capital controls. In 2012, a discussion about the possibility of capital controls in a Western country seemed like a conspiracy theory. In the meantime, they became a reality in both Cyprus and Greece. Could a major Western country be next?>
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