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Richard Russell – People Must Be Prepared For The Massive Financial Destruction That Is Ahead


from KingWorldNews:
On the heels of the Fed decision not to raise interest rates, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 91-year-old Richard Russell, warned people to be prepared for the massive financial destruction that is ahead.
V-Day – The End Of World War II
September 18 (King World News) – Richard Russell: “It’s 1945 and I’m just getting out of the Air Force. Millions of men are being released from the armed services and they are all looking for jobs. Jobs are almost impossible to find at that time, but happily my parents know the head of a textile company. He was nice enough to give me a job and my designing abilities soon became apparent.
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Fed Opens Negative Interest Rate Pandora's Box: What Happens Next

"As interest rates go more negative, market participants will have increasing incentives to make payments quickly and to receive payments in forms that can be collected slowly. This is exactly the opposite of what happened when short-term interest rates skyrocketed in the late 1970s: people then wanted to delay making payments as long as possible and to collect payments as quickly as possible.... if interest rates go negative, we may see an epochal outburst of socially unproductive—even if individually beneficial—financial innovation."

Bank Of England Economist Calls For Cash Ban, Urges Negative Rates

Just three short years ago, Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane appeared a lone voice of sanity in a world fanatically-religious Keynesian-esque worshippers. Admissions in 2013 (on blowing bubbles) and 2014 (on Too Big To Fail "problems from hell") also gave us pause that maybe someone in charge of central planning might actually do something to return the world to some semblance of rational 'free' markets. We were wrong! Haldane appears to have fully transitioned to the dark side, as The Telegraph reports, he made the case for the "radical" option of supporting the economy with negative interest rates, and even suggested that cash could have to be abolished.

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary
That number will surely get the Brother’s attention. Time to get out the non-existent nukes.

One million Yemeni fighters prepare to invade Saudi ArabiaThursday, 17 September 2015 14:52
A million Yemeni tribal fighters are gathering near the border with Saudi Arabia in preparation to invade the Kingdom, Iran’s Kayhan newspaper has reported.
The newspaper quoted what it described as “informed sources” in Sanaa as saying that “the political forces and the tribes of Yemen announced a general alarm to mobilise one million Yemeni fighters near the border with Saudi Arabia to invade its territory and curb its aggression on Yemen.”
The paper quoted a spokesman for the Yemeni army, Brigadier General Sharaf Ghalib Luqman, as claiming that his army has captured Saudi, Emirati, Bahraini and Qatari fighters in the province of Marib and will present them to the media in the coming days.
It added that Yemeni army units and Houthi rebels have besieged two Qatari battalions in Marib and that Qatar has appealed to Saudi Arabia not to bomb the region to ensure its citizens will not be victims of “friendly fire”.
Remarking on the Houthi attack on the Safer camp in Marib, Kayhan reported that Saudi Arabia has moved all soldiers from the base into its territory after the killing of 300 Emirati, Saudi and Bahraini fighters.

Russia Says It May Send Troops Into Combat In Syria As A Worried Netanyahu Heads To Moscow

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem says Syria may officially request the support of Russian combat troops in the fight to take back the country, a move that would pave the way for the Kremlin to overtly declare that Russia has joined the war in support of Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Putin on Monday to discuss concerns that Russia's involvement could end up strengthening the military capabilities of Hezbollah. Lurking in the background: the man one CIA officer once called "the most powerful operative in the Middle East today"...

Europe's Ethnic (R)Evolution - It Will Never Be The Same Again

Europeans are caught between being compelled to help - on what is truly a humanitarian catastrophe - and dealing with the uncertain consequences of bringing in such a large number of people. Part of that anxiety relates to the fact that the majority of those migrants adhere to Islam, where its relationship with Europe has been uneasy for many centuries. However, framing the debate in religious terms is too simplistic and overlooks some important facts. Whatever your view is, one thing is clear: Europe will never be the same again.

Why The Fed's Credibility Is Crashing: The Market's Three Biggest Worries

The first is that by keeping rates lower for even longer, the EM imbalances the Fed is worrying about will grow even larger, making it harder to exit stimulus; The second is a question on the value of forward guidance, after the Fed has repeatedly called for a hike and then backed out; The third is that the Fed may have limited, or no ammunition to react to the next potential shock, and that financial booms and busts may grow even larger over time.

WTI Crude Clubbed To $44 Handle As Growth Fears Mount

Growth hope, production cuts, and geopolitical premia were so Wednesday...

New Data Reveals U.S. Far From Freest Country In The World

While the U.S. has never had a truly free economy, the new study makes it evident that Americans have far less economic freedom and opportunity than they did in the year 2000. Now that economic conditions are even worse in the U.S. than they were before, a culture of extreme economic control has taken over and exacerbated the growing recession - one that history may end up redesignating a depression.

Jamie Dimon's Stark Rate Hike Warning: Treasurys "Will Be Violently Volatile" When Rates Rise

"The one thing I do worry a little bit about, by the way, is Treasuries. So I wouldn’t be shocked to see 10-year Treasuries, when rates are going up, people change their mind, they change direction, that they will be violently volatile and go up much faster than people think."

Census Data Confirms: There Was No Economic Recovery Unless You Were Already Rich

Recently released data from the Census Bureau is nothing short of devastating to anyone who has been pushing the absurd meme of a strong U.S. economy.

Chinese Propaganda Full Retard: Burst Stock Bubble Declared A Good Thing

Having blamed the entire financial crisis on one reporter (despite the implicit government encourage of people to "invest in stocks"), detained "malicious sellers" (which killed the entire futures market), and now cracking down on overly-aggressive stock-pumping by "sinister stock squads," we thought we had seen it all from China. Until now... CHINA OFFICIAL: LUCKY THAT STOCK BUBBLE BURST BEFORE TOO LATE...

In Thrall To The Federal Reserve

After so many years of the “new normal,” we have to be reminded just how extraordinary — and unprecedented — the Fed’s actions since 2008 have been. But does it not occur to bankers, much less the media breathlessly covering stock and bond markets, that these actions have set America on a hopelessly dangerous and unsustainable path? Or that placing so much economic power in the hands of a select few might not end well?

Hawks, Doves & Chickens

The Fed remains in a box of its own making. We are beginning to doubt whether central bank will ever be hike rates again voluntarily. What is however eventually highly likely to happen is that the markets will force the Fed to act – or as Bill Fleckenstein puts it, “the bond market may take the printing press away from them”.

Friday Humor: ISIS Fighter Upset At Group's Lack Of Cell Phone Charger Etiquette

"In the west, it is common knowledge to walk out of a room wearing the same pair of shoes that you wore while entering the room. Nay, it is common sense. However here in Sh?m, our Syrian brothers have a very peculiar philosophy whereby they believe that everyone can share each other’s footwear, irrespective of foot size."

Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?

from The Burning Platform:
What Vladimir Putin is up to in Syria makes far more sense than what Barack Obama and John Kerry appear to be up to in Syria.
The Russians are flying transports bringing tanks and troops to an air base near the coastal city of Latakia to create a supply chain to provide a steady flow of weapons and munitions to the Syrian army.
Syrian President Bashar Assad, an ally of Russia, has lost half his country to ISIS and the Nusra Front, a branch of al-Qaida.
Putin fears that if Assad falls, Russia’s toehold in Syria and the Mediterranean will be lost, ISIS and al-Qaida will be in Damascus, and Islamic terrorism will have achieved its greatest victory.
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Obama Is Employing An Army of Psychologists to Fundamentally Transform the Minds of All Americans

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In 2008, I was asked if I was voting for Barack Obama. I said knew better and continued to explain that his political experience was very limited. At the same time, Obama promised America that he was five days away from fundamentally transforming America. By the way, I was called a racist when I said I was voting for Ron Paul as a “write in” candidate instead of voting for the man who came out of nowhere for President.
No matter how astute I thought I was at that time, I could not have envisioned how destructive Barack Obama would prove to be to the lives of every American. Whenever I meet an Obama supporter, and they are getting harder to find, I ask that person what Obama has done to improve their life and the lives of their family? I have yet to hear an answer that makes any sense.
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SoT Market Update: Wall Street Wants To Trap Your Money

by Shadow of Truth, The Daily Coin:
SEC Chairman, Mary Jo White, is not on your side. If she had any sort of backbone and wanted to protect the public from Wall Street’s den of thieves, there would be people going to jail right. She does not have your best interests at heart. BlackRock? They just want all your money. – Rory Hall, Shadow of Truth
Consider yourself warned. In fact, the first warning from the elitists was fired in January 2010, when the SEC voted almost unanimously to allow Money Market Funds to suspend investor redemptions during periods of “extraordinary circumstances.” Of course, it’s during those periods of time – when the financial system is melting down – that investors would want to get their money out of money market funds.
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War On Syria; Not Quite According To Plan Part 2. The Plot

from The News Doctors:
Before we move on describing and analyzing the events on the battleground in Syria and what has led to the current situation, we should insert in here a quick look at the events that culminated in the decision making of waging the “War On Syria”.
After the infamous New World Order (NWO) came into existence following the demise of the Soviet Union, a global “order” that virtually gave the USA a boundless mandate to exercise its dream of being the world police and hegemon, the USA was quick to bypass international law and invade Iraq and later on Afghanistan, Iraq again, bombed and pillaged Libya and then stopped a bit short of literally invading Syria.
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Gold and Silver Coins, Bars See Very Robust Demand – Delays and Premiums Rising

from Gold Core:

  • Demand for physical gold this month at “an historically high level” – HSBC
  • Q3 U.S. Mint gold sales set to dwarf those of previous two quarters
  • Supply of physical silver “continues to be tight” and premiums rising
  • China and India demand remains very strong
  • Seasonal Asian buyers to add to demand in coming weeks
  • Dovish Fed bullish for gold
Demand for physical gold and silver in August and September has been exceptionally strong as investors seek a safe-haven from market turmoil, as the global economy slows down and as it becomes clear that the Federal Reserve and central banks generally are slowly losing credibility and ultra loose monetary policies are set to continue for the foreseeable future.
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