Thursday, September 10, 2015

US Imports Biggest "Disinflationary Impulse" In 6 Years At Worst Possible Time

August's import prices dropped a stunning 11.4% YoY, the biggest drop since September 2009. This faster-than-expected deceleration suggests "another leg lower" according to TD's Millan Mulraine, as USD strength and renewed energy declines feed through the price channel and reverses a hope-filled mid-year drift higher. This is the 13th month of YoY drops (and 111th of last 12 MoM drops) flashing a recessionary warning. As Mulraine conculdes ominously, "coming at a time when the Fed is contemplating a lift-off in rates, the weak tone of this report should come as a key reminder that the dis-inflationary impulse is re- emerging."

This Is Bad News For Market Manipulators

It appears the "go to" manipulation to rig stocks higher - the so-called VIXtermination algo - has lost its juice...

Stocks Double-Dump As Dollar Slumps & Crude Pumps

Caught On Tape: Donald Trump Asked About Libertarianism

The "real" Donald Trump revealed once again...

Austrian Central Bank Warns Fed, "Rate Hikes Will Slow Global Growth"

Market participants, be they lenders or borrowers, know that “easy money” has an expiry date. If The FOMC raises rates, "we foresee negative effects on world GDP in the medium term, not only for emerging markets but also for industrialized economies." In other words, though emerging markets – through their dependence on capital inflows – will be at risk when America’s monetary policy eventually returns to “normal,” the same will be true for advanced economies.

If You Don’t Think Americans Have Lost Our Freedoms, READ THIS

from The Burning Platform:
The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave  The Land of the Fleeced and the Home of the Slave
This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.
First Amendment
The 1st Amendment protects speech, religion, assembly and the press:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
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Is This The Start Of India's Gold Confiscation

On April 5, 1933, FDR signed Executive order 6102 which made illegal "the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States" in the process criminalizing the possession of monetary gold by any individual or corporation.  Fast forward 82 years to a time when the barbarous relic continues to be seen as the safest store of value among India's vast population (roughly 20% of the world's total), not to mention the main source of financial headaches for local authorities, one of the biggest importers of gold due to its "traditional" values , that the Indian government may be preparing to pull a page right out of the FDR playbook.

Competing Gas Pipelines Are Fueling The Syrian War & Migrant Crisis

Don’t let anyone fool you: As we have detailed since 2013, sectarian strife in Syria has been engineered to provide cover for a war for access to oil and gas, and the power and money that come along with it.


Unequivocally apologetic...

Why Apple’s Launch Event Was "Creepy As Hell"

The Apple Launch is a closed circle of fawning sycophants, thrilled with gimmicks, adapted to computers, programmed, a throng of identical authentic individuals chained to their machines and congratulating themselves on being ‘connected,’ led by a human that resembles a robot. Two hours of watching the Apple Launch actually made the Manson Family seem homey.

Paul Krugman Is "Really, Really Worried" That He Might Have Screwed Up Japan

Late last year, Paul Krugman took a field trip to Japan to observe Keynesian insanity prowling around in its natural habitat. While he was there, he gave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe some sage advice which can be roughly summarized as follows: "Abenomics is working so why would you screw it up by getting fiscally responsible all of the sudden?" Nine months later, Japan is still a deflationary deathtrap and Krugman is "really, really worried"...

Cultish Fervor - Japan Is In QE10 And Is Going Nowhere

Since the “impossible” global panic in 2008, there have been 10 QE’s in Japan but using the numerical standard which has been applied to the Federal Reserve there may have been as many as 22 or more. What none of those have amounted to is an actual and sustainable economic advance; NONE, no matter how you count them. In very simple fact, the idea that central banks “need” to keep doing them in continuous fashion is quite convincing that at the very least they don’t mean what central bankers think they mean, and perhaps worse that the more they are done and to greater extents the more harm that eventually befalls.

Avon Rips Higher, Halted Twice As Another LBO Rumor Squeezes Shorts

Just 4 short months ago, Avon stock soared after a fake private equity offer from a fake entity appeared. With a 20% short base, the stock exploded higher. Today, with 17.4% of the stocks' float short, The Wall Street Journal sparks some panic-buying...
Avon has now been halted twice and is trading up 12% (before re-opening). It appears our observation that AVP has a Debt-to-Ebitda of a stunning 3.7x that has blown away hope/hype of the LBO copming to fruition... AVP is fading fast.

Hungarian Convicts Build 100-Mile, Anti-Migrant Fence Out Of Razor Wire

"The fence, in part being built by prisoners along the 175-km (109-mile) border, would be completed sooner than planned, by the beginning rather than the end of October. 'This 3.5-4-metre tall fence can be adequate to protect the country, especially if policemen are patrolling on the other side,"' Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff Janos Lazar told a weekly news conference."

Fortress Europe Under Threat

The lack of leadership to tackle this clear and present danger to Europe's future is truly concerning. Both the migrants and the Europeans might be worse off as a result.

Blistering Treasury Auction: Record Foreign Central Bank Demand For 30 Year Paper

We had to triple check the Indirect print in today's 30Y auction, because at first it seemed the US Treasury had made a huge mistake, but the number showing that the Indirect take down in today's auction was a whopping 66% - this was the highest take down on record, and may have put an end to any concerns that foreign central banks have no interest in US paper, if only in the primary market.

Abu Dhabi Can't Find $1.4 Billion It Supposedly Received From Malaysia PM's Slush Fund

Late last month, tens of thousands of Malaysians donning banned yellow attire took to the streets in Kuala Lumpur to call for the ouster of Prime Minister Najib Razak whose government has been accused of obstructing an investigation into how some $700 million from a Goldman-backed development bank mysteriously ended up in Najib’s personal bank account. As it turns out, the story goes well beyond Goldman and Najib. As WSJ reports, the 1MDB debacle takes us deep into the shadowy world of sovereign wealth funds where it appears as though someone told a $1.4 billion lie...

How Europe Will Pay For The Refugee Crisis: Higher Taxes For The Rich

Europe's handling of its refugee crisis has led to much criticism and left even more to be desired, but until now Europe's general population was largely on the side of the misplaced migrants who are trying to reestablish their lives away from the daily horrors of the middle east, all in the name of a Qatari gas pipeline. That may soon change as Europe realizes the influx of tens of thousands of refugees will result in a dramatic surge in public costs, costs which have to be footed by someone. That someone will be the general population (with the wealthy targeted at first) courtesy of even higher taxes.

The City Of London Has Turned Britain Into A "Civilized Mafia State"

"Public services, infrastructure, the very fabric of the nation: these too are being converted into risk-free investments. Social cleansing is transforming central London into an exclusive economic zone for property speculation. From a dozen directions, government policy converges on this objective. Property in this country is a haven for the proceeds of international crime. Sometimes the UK looks to me like an ever so civilised mafia state."

WTI Tumbles On Crude's Biggest 2-Week Inventory Build In 5 Months Despite Production Tumble

Following last night's 2.1mm barrel build forecast from API, DOE reported a bigger than expectd 2.6mm barrel inventory build. This is the largest 2-week build in crude stocks since April and has sent crude prices tumbling. On the other side, US production levels continue to drop (-0.9% this week) to its lowest level since January 2nd 2015.

US Warns Of "Unprecedented" Russian Military Buildup In Syria: "It's Starting To Look Like Crimea"

With the war drums beating louder by the day, US officials are now warning that Russia's military buildup in Syria is "unprecedented" and is "beginning to look like Crimea." Meanwhile, the Kremlin has accused the US of "international boorishness" for Washington's "rubbish" attempts to characterize Moscow's relationship with Damascus unfairly.

3 Things WeTheSheeplez Do That You Don’t Have To...

from Ready Nutrition:
Do you ever get that feeling like you’re surrounded by automatons, people who merely mimic life, without really living it?
Sheeple, as they may be called, are otherwise ordinary folks who’ve adapted particularly well to the workforce/consumer/obedience training agenda. They’ve been taught to be docile, foolish and easily led.
They’re particularly keen at following mainstream narratives and adapting to group-think and group-behaviors.
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“Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:
Could things crumble and crash over a simple rate hike?
Many experts say they could, and well, things aren’t so simple after all.
With all things being equal, and with respect to the status quo of the powers that be, the current state of affairs appear very …. um, delicate, and rather prone to disaster.
By the official account, the Federal Reserve has been actively propping up the system with unlimited liquidity and dirt cheap money to the big banks to keep things from going under. Not that this is the whole story, but it’s a decent starting point.
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Coming Crash will be Worse than 1929, Gold 2020 Forecast’s Bo Polny

from FutureMoneyTrends:

Marshall Swing Predicts the Date of the Global Financial Collapse

from Silver Doctors:
On Monday, August 31, I gave a very sobering 15 day warning, to my friends, on Facebook.
I want to share this with a wider audience at SilverDoctors as I think it may very well be significant in pre-Crash planning.
Here, in the summary section of my Last Days spreadsheet, you see what I believe is the TRUE 29th of Elul in red as well as the FALSE 29th of Elul, also in red.
What I call the false 29th of Elul is used by folks like Jonathan Cahn. They do not use scriptures to determine times, but go beyond them using solar based calculations to determine biblical months, the year, and Hebrew Feast days.
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Eric Sprott: “The Powers That Be Don’t Want To Admit There’s A Problem”

from Sprott Media USA:

Warren Buffett: Some Citizens Don’t Fit In Our Market Based Economy

from The Daily Sheeple:
One of the hallmarks of being a member of the global elite, is having a rather Darwinian view of human society. That’s because elitists need something to justify their actions in their own minds. They’ve made it to the tippy top of society, and they want to believe that they achieved this status because they are the best of what humanity has to offer. Why else would they be so successful? Obviously, they must be superior to every other human being on Earth, right?
In reality, they can’t bring themselves to face the truth, because it’s too ugly for many of them to accept. And the truth is, they’ve only attained so much power by being more cunning and ruthless than their peers, or they were born into ruthless families that laid the groundwork for them. It has nothing to do with being genuinely superior human beings.
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Kerry’s Double Assisted Suicide: Russia Oil Gains, America Loses From Sanctions

from The News Doctors:
Secretary John Kerry and friends have managed what can only be called a brilliant double suicide. The September 2014 deal with Saudi Arabia to crash oil prices, then at $103 a barrel for US WTI grade crude oil, not only has managed to bring the US shale oil industry—Washington’s new strategic card allowing the US to essentially abandon her Saudi and Gulf Arab allies–to the brink of bankruptcy and collapse. The oil price collapse, ironically, also gave Russian oil beautiful profits and forced the companies to turn east for far larger and more lucrative new markets. Team Russia-Saudi Arabia: 2 to 0 for Team USA-Canada.
At the present rate of developments, with oil prices frantically being pushed up by derivative trades only to crash back the next day, today hovering at $47 a barrel for the benchmark US West Texas Intermediate or WTI, I would estimate that a major share of USA shale companies will be forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy before year-end or into the first quarter of 2016.
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10 Delicious Ideas for Preserving Tomatoes

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

The best part of late summer is the glorious tomatoes. Once you’ve eaten all of the BLTs that you can hold, it’s time to start preserving tomatoes for later.  Here are 10 delicious ways to prolong that taste of summer throughout the year.
Dried Tomatoes Packed in Oil
To dry tomatoes, slice them to about 1/4 inch thick and lay them on dehydrator sheets. (If you have a different type of dehydrator, you can buy netting by the roll and cut sheets to fit your unit.) If you want, you can sprinkle them with Italian herbs. like basil and oregano. Dry them for about 8 hours at 140 degrees. Place them in a dry, sanitized jar and cover them with olive oil. Food safety experts recommend that this be stored in the refrigerator.
We are in sweet-smelling, luscious peach heaven right now.
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3 Possible Paths the Fed Might Take Next Week

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:
Markets eagerly awaited the August U.S. employment report that came out on Friday, Sept. 4. This was the last important piece of economic data to be revealed before the Federal Reserve’s FOMC interest rate policy meeting on Sept. 17.
It has been widely anticipated that the Fed would finally raise interest rates at that meeting for the first time in over nine years — the so-called “liftoff.”
But the liftoff is surrounded by a contentious debate. Powerful voices such as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and IMF Chief Christine Lagarde have been warning Fed Chair Janet Yellen that the global economy is too weak to bear interest rate increases. That debate — to raise, or not to raise — includes many advocates on both sides.
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from Miles Franklin:

Keep eating your Pacific Ocean fish...

FUKUSHIMA NIGHTMARE: Rain Overwhelms Fuskushima Drainage Pumps, 100’s of TONS of Radioactive Water Flows Into Pacific

[Ed. Note: The full court press against humanity continues, as the situation in Fukushima grows more dire by the day.]
from RT:

Severe floods have hit Japan – sending tonnes of radiation-contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean That’s been confirmed by the facility’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power. The authorities have declared the situation an emergency. For more info RT is joined by Professor Christopher Busby, from the European Committee on Radiation Risks.

Sedition A Normal Practice For The Authorities

from The Sleuth Journal:
What is sedition? According to the dictionary it is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state – insurrection; rebellion. On the surface it seems that few higher calls of conduct can be attained by the citizen! Now, some will be put back and say to themselves, what does that statement exactly mean? Well, its simple . . . America was created as a country out of a revolution, remember your history or did you get your education at one of those ‘government schools’? Lest you forget all those stuffy white privileged Founding Fathers, were rebels. They were “enemies of the crown” and if caught would be hung! So is it possible that sedition is a proper and moral action?
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Exposed: Mega Corporations Selling Stocks Before The End Of Shemitah Cycle! A Warning Sign?

from Spiro:

Dahboo7 and I break down the coming end of the Shemitah Cycle, we discuss previous effects this cycle has had on the stock market and economy as well as potential future effects yet to be seen. We expose how these massive corporations are selling off their shares now! this month! right before this current cycle comes to an end. selling high and racking in huge profits.


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