Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Is What Yellen Said About Negative Rates Coming To The US

"I don’t expect that we’re going to be in a path of providing additional accommodation. But if the outlook were to change in a way that most of my colleagues and I do not expect, and we found ourselves with a weak economy that needed additional stimulus, we would look at all of our available tools. And that would be something that we would evaluate in that kind of context."
- Janet Yellen.

Fed Credibility Crushed - The Aftermath

Gold And Silver Surge, China And Russia’s Plans And Why We Are Not Ready For What Is Rapidly Bearing Down On Us

from KingWorldNews:
With the Fed releasing its decision on interest rates tomorrow, today a 50-year market veteran spoke with King World News about the surge in gold and silver, China and Russia’s plans and why we are not ready for what is rapidly bearing down on us.
John Embry: “I’m surprised to see gold and silver taking off a bit heading into the Fed decision tomorrow, but I shouldn’t be having seen the fantastic piece KWN ran with Jason Goepfert
“Now if one looks at the turmoil in emerging markets and listens to the various advice emanating from various international organizations, one would have to bet on no rate hike at this point.
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2Y Yields Collapse Most Since 2009 As December Rate-Hike Odds Crater

The probability of a rate-hike in December collapsed from 65% yesterday to just 45% today after Yellen's admission that any and everything will keep them on hold as they wait for nirvana to allow interest rates to rise again. This rippled across the Treasury curve and after Tuesaday's record-breaking spike in yields, 2Y yields collapsed 13bps today - the biggest single-day plunge since QE was unleashed in March 2009.

Meanwhile, In Burkina Faso: Images From A West Africa Military Coup

Antidepressants Scientifically Linked To Violent Behavior In Youth

A new study published in the PLoS Medicine journal has found that younger people taking antidepressants are more likely to commit violent crimes.

Is This The Secret Behind Trump's Popularity?

It appears the secret to Trump's surprising success in the polls is actually simple - "know your audience."

Maxine Waters Congratulates Yellen On Not Hiking Rates, Says ZIRP Is Precisely What "Minorities" Need

"I am pleased the Federal Reserve under the leadership of Chair Yellen has chosen to exercise a prudent and cautious approach to safeguarding our economy by carefully weighing the full range of economic data in assessing whether to raise interest rates.  Moving to prematurely raise rates will endanger the critical economic progress we have made, and threaten any gains minorities have only begun to make on the tail end of this recovery. "

VIX ETF Near Limit Down (Again) - Biggest 3-Day Drop On Record

For the 3rd day in a row VXX (the VIX ETF) has been crushed lower (nearing its 10% circuit-breaker limit-down). This is the biggest 3-day drop in VXX on record...

QE Trade "On" - Stocks & Bonds Soar After Yellen Admits "Quite Uncertain" On Economy


The DOLLAR COLLAPSE Will Rock The World — Jeff Berwick


Jeff Berwick, founder of Dolar joins me to discuss the Shemitah 7-year cycle, precious metals manipulation, breaking through the sheeple’s normalcy bias – and the impending collapse of what has been knows as the world’s reserve currency for decades.
According to Jeff, “When the Dollar collapses it’s not going to be like when the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed, or the Venezuelan Bolivar, or the Argentina Peso, it’s going to rock the world. And China and Russia are getting prepared for it right now, and you should be too.”


by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
On this, an absurdly over-hyped “Fed Day” – in which Whirlybird Janet and her minion will at best sound stupid; and at worst, trigger a global market meltdown; I thought it would be the perfect time to summarize how far the “good guys” have come in the war against financial evil, ignorance, and omission.  Which I’ll get to momentarily. Before a few comments on said Fed decision.
Frankly, I’ve spoken too much already of the idiocy of the Fed-led propaganda scheme to attempt to “save face” by instituting an infinitesimal, meaningless “one and done” rate hike.  And thus, good riddance to the upcoming 2:00 PM EST FOMC announcement, before it even arrives.  And don’t forget for asecond that no matter what drivel Yellen spews, the story remains the same.  “Quantitatively” speaking, ZIRP has been an unmitigated failure of epic proportions – not just in the States, but the entire world.  To that end, the sheer comedy of Obama giving a press conference yesterday hyping the “recovery” that isn’t was too much to bear.  And when he ended it by bragging of how the “stock market has doubled in the past six years,” I nearly lost my lunch.
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Should Texas Secede? Texans May Have Ballot Question to “Reassert Its Status As Independent Nation”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:
The question of secession on a ballot it is a one. Secession might make a powerful statement to voice defiance government tyranny, but it could also set off sparks.
Now, it appears that the biggest and most independent-minded state in the union might test that question. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.
Regardless, the possibility shows the pulse of the nation:
Aside from voting for whatever politician happens to be the flavor of the month, the Republican voters of Texas may have an additional question to answer for when Super Tuesday arrives next year. If the Texas Nationalist Movement has its way, then the Republican primary ballot may have to ask voters to decide whether or not they think “the state of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation” and secede from the United States
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How Is The Silver Bullion Product Shortage Impacting Gold?

from SRS Rocco:

As wait times for certain silver bullion products reach upwards of 2 months, investors are now switching over to buying gold.  How much gold?  Heck of a lot more when look at the figures.
While Gold Eagle sales started to surged in June (76,000 oz), due to the possible Greek Exit of the European Union, they peaked in July at 170,000 oz and then declined to 101,500 oz in August.  In the beginning of September, it looked as if Gold Eagle Sales were going to be lower than August.  However, with the huge wait times for high demand silver products such as Silver Eagles, Maples and Philharmonics, investors switched over to buying Gold Eagles.
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Eye In The Sky? 60 U.S. Police Departments Have Asked For Drone Certification

Are drones coming to a police department near you? Possibly.

The Duty Of The Military In A Militarized Empire

from The Sleuth Journal:

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”  Albert Einstein
Those who serve in the military are in a difficult position. The oath taken by enlistees states, “I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” The internal conflict between supporting and defending the Constitution and obeying orders is at the heart of the dilemma of honor and duty. Those who accept that the Presidential chain of command is by nature constitutional; lack a proper understanding of history and professes an even greater ignorance of current affairs.
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OPEC, Russia And The Emerging New World Order Emerging

from The News Doctors:
By the day it’s becoming clearer that what I have recently been saying in my writings is coming to be. The OPEC oil-producing states of the Middle East, including Iran, through the skillful mediation of Russia, are carefully laying the foundations for a truly new world order. The first step in testing this will be if they collectively succeed in eliminating the threat to Syria of the Islamic State, and prepare the basis for serious, non-manipulated elections there.
For much of my adult life I have been fascinated by the enormous energy inside our Earth and how in fact the Earth moves as almost a living organism. Most fascinating I find is tectonic motion and their connection to earthquakes and volcanoes. Not the human destruction they sometimes cause but the sheer energy. Tectonic motion involves the huge plates that our Earth is divided into which are in constant micro-motion. At critical junctures which Earth science or geophysics has yet to be able to predict far ahead, the motion of those tectonic plates cause earthquakes and determine where earthquakes will occur.
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EU encouraging an exodus of biblical proportions – UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

from europarl:

A Matter that Should Give Us PAWS: The End Times of the Modern Economy

from The Burning Platform:
Today we will reflect that the economy will shortly wither, no one will have to work, and we will all die of starvation sitting on street corners and trying to sell each other pencils.
Work is going the way of the dodo, the Constitution, and common sense. Won’t be any.
Doom moves in ripples. Suppose that the New York Times goes all digital. The factory that makes the newsprint will have fewer orders and thus need fewer workers. The same applies to the tree farms that make the pulp for the newsprint factory. Less transportation, train or truck, will be needed to bring the newsprint to New York. The pressmen who run the presses will go, and the company that would have made replacement presses will have fewer orders. The truckers who drive the printed papers to Newark will lose their jobs, as will the people who deliver the paper to your doorstep.
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These Muslims Are Not Immigrants, They Are Colonists With Bad Intentions

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The United States are in the process of being deculturalized and having its mainstream religions destroyed. Make no mistake about it, both regions are under attack in the same manner as a country who has the tanks of its enemies rolling down the ir streets. This invasion is deliberate and it is being conducted with bad intentions. The goal of this invasion is the destruction of the economies, national borders, values, traditions, legal codes and of course the religion of the majority culture.
I have always been a person who respected and defended the rights of the minorities. However, when the rights of the minorities cross my my constitutionally protected nose, it is time to re-evaluate my response to this not-so-silent- invasion of my country.
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Jeff Nielson: Government by Crime Syndicate with Silver Coming from NoWhere!

by Rory, The Daily Coin:
Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada, agreed to a follow up of the “Gold Wars” conversation that was conducted approximately four weeks ago. We had a number of topics to cover to try to tie everything together. Below are crib notes so that you have an idea of how much of the world we cover in just over thirty minutes time.
When you have rigged markets it’s difficult to understand what is actually happening with an economy. When an economy is the size and influence of the U.S. economy it becomes even more problematic when discussing global markets. The mere fact the U.S. has the worlds reserve currency and is rigging markets, either through OTC derivatives, HFT algorithm trading or simply rigging them point blank the end result is the same–the illusion of “markets” and the illusion of an “economy” or MOPE (management of perception economics). There is no economy only the perception of an economy that is presented by the mainstream media and the DJIA. Did your 401k go up again today? Great!! That means all is well, right?
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Psy-Op: Executive Order Creates an Orwellian Policy of Enlightenment and Propaganda

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

The ink is still wet on a brand new executive order that reads like a cross between the Reich’s Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda and George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.
Of course, in true propagandist form, President Obama isn’t calling it anything related to Nazi Germany or a dystopian novel.   He’s calling it “Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People.”
To-may-to. To-mah-to.
Whatever you want to call it, prepare to be the subject of manipulation and behavioral experiments. This is a giant, official national psy-op and they’re announcing to us that they’re doing it.
What’s a Psy-Op?
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The BIS Foresees the Crisis Their Member Banks Are Creating

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

As all eyes turn to this week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting for an answer to the will they / won’t they Fed rate hike question, we face another stark reminder of how the global economy is increasingly at the whim of the central bankers with their hands on the money spigot. The would-be “Masters of the (Phoney, Manipulated) Universe” known as the Federal Reserve board have the power to send the global economy into a tailspin by hiking rates, causing a giant unwind of the almost-never-mentioned dollar carry trade in emerging economies.
Or they can waffle again, delay the decision, and keep markets in the precarious limbo they’ve been since the end of the QE3 party and the removal of the punch bowl. They could even, as some suggest, concede their utter failure to even understand let alone implement an easing-based “recovery” and try again with QE4.
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