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Clock Ticks On US Syria Strategy As Assad Pounds ISIS Targets, Russia Sends Fighter Jets

For the second consecutive day, Bashar al-Assad pounded ISIS targets across Syria on Friday, serving notice that Russia's stepped up "technical" and "logistical" support may have turned the tide in the country's four-year civil war. With Moscow having called Washington's bluff, Obama instructs Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to liaise with the Russian military while in Tehran, Major General Qassem Soleimani lays bare America's ISIS strategy.

"Nope" & Change

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    09/19/2015 - 10:26
    The Fed is truly cornered. If it fails to hike rates it will have no ammo for when the next crisis hits the US. But it if hikes rates now while the economy is so weak (more on this in a moment), it...

Putin: Friend Or Foe In Syria?

Winston Churchill famously said in 1939: “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest." In making ISIS, not Assad, public enemy No. 1, Putin has it right. It is we Americans who are the mystery inside an enigma now.

How The China-Led Bank That's Reshaping The Global Economic Order Almost Never Was

"At the start, China wasn't very confident. The worry was that there was no money for this."


The Fed is Worthless; Junk Wall Street & Green Policy
from LaRouche PAC:
Lyndon LaRouche had the following comments upon being briefed on the responses to EIR from several economists on the Fed’s non-action regarding interest rates, and Janet Yellen’s lying justification of that non-action:
I have always warned about this. The Federal Reserve system and Wall Street are the heart of the problem. They are totally bankrupt, and yet they hold political control over the government, while in fact they are worthless. We must start by demonstrating that Wall Street is of far less value than they represent—in fact, they are bankrupt. We need an overall reform that eliminates Wall Street.The United States refuses to recognize the truth, that Wall Street is preventing a recovery. We must write it down to its true near-zero value. We have a more extreme case than FDR faced when he closed down Wall Street, but it must be wiped out or there will be no recovery. Read More

Central Banks Have Shot Their Wad & The Market Deck Has Been Reshuffled

Most just scoff at the notion that there has been a historic global Bubble, let alone that this Bubble has over recent months begun to burst. Talk of an EM and global crisis is viewed as wackoism. Except that the Federal Reserve clearly sees something pernicious in the world that requires shelving, after seven years, even the cutest little baby step move in the direction of policy normalization. The Fed and global central banks responded to the 2008 crisis with unprecedented measures. When the reflationary effects of these policies began to wane, the unfolding 2012 global crisis spurred desperate concerted do “whatever it takes” monetary stimulus. This phase has now largely run its course, and there is at this point little clarity as to what global central bankers might try next.

Don't Show This Chart To Your Hedge Fund Manager

When 2-and-20 looks more like 50-50...

With Wages Down 5% In 42 Years, Jamie Dimon Says Stop Complaining, At Least You Have An iPhone

"It’s not right to say we’re worse off... If you go back 20 years ago, cars were worse, the air was worse. People didn’t have iPhones." That’s what you get when you ask a billionaire executive from a taxpayer bailed out, unaccountable industry for his thoughts on income inequality.

US Readies Battle Plans For Baltic War With Russia: Report

As Foreign Policy reports, "the new plans, according to the senior defense official, have two tracks. One focuses on what the United States can do as part of NATO if Russia attacks one of NATO’s member states; the other variant considers American action outside the NATO umbrella. Both versions of the updated contingency plans focus on Russian incursions into the Baltics, a scenario seen as the most likely front."

The Fed's First "Policy Error" Was Not Yellen's "Dovish Hold" But Bernanke's Tapering Of QE3

"At a recent investor gathering a question was asked, prior to the FOMC meeting, in the spirit of why the Fed should raise rates, whether or not anyone could argue that tapering itself was a “mistake”. It is an interesting question but the answer is surely a resounding “yes”. While a counterfactual is hard to prove, the impact of tapering in rates space is self evident. From the moment it began we saw a relentless fall in long term rates and a return to where those rates more or less stood around the onset of (endless) QE3." - DB

81% Of Syrians Believe US Is To Blame For ISIS

The poll also confirms a deteriorating environment. A majority in both countries say things are heading in the wrong direction... In Syria, just 21% prefer life now to what life was like under the full control of Bashar al Assad."


Who could have seen this coming? Well, he did!

Peter Schiff Explains The "External Threat" Justifying The Fed's Tyrannical Policies

Every dictator knows that a continuous state of emergency is the best means to justify tyrannical policies. The trick is to keep the fictitious emergency from breeding so much paranoia that routine activities come to a halt. Many have discovered that its best to make the threat external, intangible and ultimately, unverifiable. In Orwell's 1984 the preferred mantra was "We've always been at war with Eurasia," even though everyone knew it wasn't true. In its rate decision this week the Federal Reserve, adopted a similar approach and conjured up an external threat to maintain a policy that is becoming increasingly absurd.

Conspiracy "Fact" - VIX Manipulation Runs The Entire Market

Ever since Simon Potter's 2012 arrival as head of The NYFed's trading desk, the manipulation of VIX (and thus its reflexive levered tail wagging the algo-driven dog of the indices) has been front-and-center day-after-day in the so-called US equity 'market'. While only fringe-blogs have noticed this in the past, now The FT admits that not only was recent volatility in markets exacerbated by VIX ETFs (thus confirming the tail-wagging-dog analogy), and further, the nature of the link between VIX ETFs and VIX Futures (rebalancing) enables frontrunning which serves to reinforce any trend into the close and thus manipulate the markets.

Carrying Gold Into Foreign Countries: The Simple Truth

by Mark Yaxley,
“Can I carry my gold and silver across the border?” is a question I’m often asked by clients who are either planning to buy metals in a foreign country to bring home with them, or planning to hand-carry metals to an offshore location for long-term storage.
There is a common misconception that it is illegal or problematic to carry precious metals across the border into a foreign country. I believe this misconception is based primarily on the fact that travellers are asked to declare any currency or financial instruments above a certain threshold ($10,000 in Canada and the United States). Coupled with our human instinct to assume the worst whenever we lack understanding of something, most people assume it’s wrong to do so, and would rather avoid it or worse, fail to declare it.
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Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Curiouser and Curiouser

from Jesse’s CafĂ© AmĂ©ricain:
Gold and silver continued to rally today, even as the Dollar took back quite a bit of its recent loss after the Fed did what everyone expected them to do, which is nothing. Keep in mind that the Dollar DX index is antiquated, and potentially misleading since it is so heavily weighted to the old order currencies.
Currencies are under closer examination now, because we are in a period of change that some have called ‘the currency wars.’ Sometimes analysts will narrow that definition down to just the competitive devaluations that governments engage in to help to boost exports and curb imports to their faltering domestic economies.
But it is much more than that. They are missing the bigger picture because it is the kind of change that occurs over long periods of time. One day they will look up and see it, and surprise. Who could have seen it coming?
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11 Edible Weeds Having Various Medicinal And Healing Properties

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News:
Actually what we understood about weeds, it is simply any plant that’s growing where you don’t want it to. It might be surprised you that, some weeds in your own yard can actually be beneficial.
Its been many years, man has depend on nature to cure disease. In the last decade particularly, medicinal plants have been used more and popularity of plant medicines such as dandelions, Stinging nettles, ibogaine and cannabis making headlines for their powerful healing abilities against some of today’s most prominent illnesses.
Here are 11 weeds which possess interesting medicinal properties.
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Playing the World Like a Fiddle

from thecrowhouse:

Higher Interest Rates? Not Next Month, Not Even Next Year, In Three Charts

from Dollar Collapse:

Not only did the Fed vote to keep interest rates stable yesterday, it did so overwhelmingly — with just as many members apparently favoring lower rates as higher. Now all the people who bought the “rate normalization” promise/threat are backtracking. From today’s Bloomberg:
Expecting a Fed Rate Increase by Halloween? Maybe Reconsider Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen wants you to know that a rate increase is possible at the policy-setting committee’s Oct. 27-28 gathering. Don’t hold your breath.
“Every meeting is a live meeting where the committee can make a decision to move to change our target for the federal funds rate,” Yellen said at her press conference Thursday in Washington. “That certainly includes October.”
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A Fun Jaunt to the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington D.C.

from TruthStreamMedia:


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