Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Unstoppable Trump Juggernaut: How The GOP Establishment Hopes To Crush The Donald's Presidential Run

If anyone wants to beat Trump in his own game, they will have to show and prove to the voters of America, that the existing system not only still works, but is worth saving in its current broken form. This is the biggest challenge to everyone - on the right, on the left and in the middle - even if nobody wants to admit it.

WTI Crude Just Plunged Back To Unchanged After White House Un-Supports Lifting Crude Export Ban

Well that escalated quickly... WTI back to a $43 handle again as The White House comments that it does not support The House bill to lift a ban on crude exports. Reuters reports that The White House says The Commerce Department should make the policy decision.

The Shale Delusion: Why The Party’s Over For U.S. Tight Oil

The party is over for tight oil. Despite brash statements by U.S. producers and misleading analysis by Raymond James, low oil prices are killing tight oil companies. Reports this week from IEA and EIA paint a bleak picture for oil prices as the world production surplus continues. EIA said that U.S. production will fall by 1 million barrels per day over the next year and that, “expected crude oil production declines from May 2015 through mid-2016 are largely attributable to unattractive economic returns.” IEA made the point more strongly. “..the latest price rout could stop US growth in its tracks.”

Analyst Who Said "Buy Lehman" 20 Days Before Its Collapse Is Now On The Financial Stability Oversight Council

Seven years ago today, Lehman Brothers failed. But it is what took place just over two weeks prior that is of interest for the scope of this article.

The Dow Is Up 300 Points From Overnight Lows

From the moment China closed, The Dow is now up over 300 points... helped by a series of the worst possible data imaginable - confirming the US economy is weak, and getting weaker - which is awesome news!!!

"You Get A New Car; You Get A New House" - Saudi Prince Alwaleed Hands Out Bribes To Saudi Citizens

In a dramatic show of faux generosity, staple CNBC commentator and billionaires, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who several years ago sued Forbes for "underestimating" his net worth at "only" $20 billion (Forbes won) decided to show the world just how noble (and rich) he is. According to Arabian Business, Alwaleed Philanthropies, chaired by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has given out "10,000 housing units and 10,000 cars to Saudi citizens who are eligible as per the criteria set by the organisation."

"The House Will Likely Win"

It is quite likely - given current valuation levels, deterioration in earnings growth, and a slower economic environment - that forward returns will be substantially lower. In other words, the "risk-reward" ratio for being an aggressive investor at this point in the market/economic cycle suggests that the "house will likely win." It is Deja Vu all over again...

Steen Jakobsen Sums Up In 1 Word What We've Learned In The 7 Years Since Lehman

2-Year Treasury Yield Highest Since April 2011

2 Year Treasury yields have jumped 4.5bps today, breaking to 77.4bps - the highest since April 2011 as it appears (despite the 30% odds of a rate hike priced into the ED curve) Fed jawboning is creating front-end selling (in the face of weak data). Notably this is the same level that 2Y rates traded at in Dec 2008 after the initial tumble post-Lehman.

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Chelsea Clinton "Surprised" That Not Everyone Loves Her Mom

Chelsea Clinton is shocked that her mother's poll numbers are falling because after all, Hillary "is always game for singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' to baby Charlotte"...

Demilitarization Begins? California Bill Blocks Police Getting Grenade Launchers, Tanks From Feds

After years of militarizing the local police in America, California may just have chalked one up for liberty-seekers (though we are not holding our breath). A bill to stop the militarization of California police departments received final approval in the state legislature last Thursday. The bill, which specifically points out the dangers of police militarization, saying it would “declare that this is a matter of statewide concern,”  is now on its way to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown.

Gartman Does It Again: 30Y Tops 3.00%, Stocks Surge After "Bad News"

North Korea Restarts Nuclear Complex, May Nuke US "At Any Time" For "Mischievous Behavior"

"If the U.S. and other hostile forces persistently seek their reckless hostile policy towards the DPRK and behave mischievously, the DPRK is fully ready to cope with them with nuclear weapons any time.”

Refugee Crises At Dangerous Tipping Point As Hungary Deploys Army, Germany Loses Patience

This Is Why Americans Will Pay More For Gasoline If U.S Export Ban Is Lifted

They say that the first casualty of war is truth. And, on both sides of the fight over lifting the ban on exports of U.S. crude oil, the truth has already fallen into a coma. The ban was instituted in 1975 in order to make America less subject to swings in international oil supply after suffering the price shock associated with the Arab oil embargo in 1973. Last week a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to end the ban after a Senate committee voted in July to do the same. A vote by the full House and Senate could be near.

Market "Ominously Hints Recession Imminent" BofA Warns Unless "Unambiguous Pessimism" Leads To Stock Rally

The tone from investors in the latest Bank of America survey is clear: as Michael Harnett summarizes it, the one prevailing theme is "unambiguous pessimism."  Bottom line: either markets soar, or something bad is about to happen: to wit: "Unambiguous pessimism means risk assets riper for a rally (note investors don’t want a Fed hike this week). If no rally, then markets ominously hinting “recession” and/or “default” imminent." Good luck Janet.

Business Inventories Grow At Slowest Pace Since Jan, Sales-Ratio Signals Recession Imminent

Following June's 0.8% surge in business inventories (the most in 4 years) which surged inventrory-to-sales to 1.37x - the highest since 2009 - July's data confirms the recession looms large as inventory accumulation appears to have hit its limit, up only 0.1% MoM (inventory-to-sales hovers at 1.36x - historic recession levels). Remembering that this data is lagged by 2 months (in the face of disastrous Empire Fed inventory collapse, auto production collapse and retail sales weakness), it appears the "if we build it, they will come" economy just got slapped in the face with the reality that 'Field of Dreams' was a fiction, just like The US 'Recovery'. Time for The Fed to hike rates?

Which Asset Class Will Be Most Impacted By A Rate Hike?

Going into Thursday, everyone - and we do mean everyone - is scrambling to predict which asset classes are most susceptible to a Fed hike. Amid the rampant confusion, BofAML asked fund managers to weigh in. Here are the results.

14 Things You Must Do TODAY to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Yesterday, The Common Sense Show issued a breaking news alert as to the possible use of multiple IED type of devices based upon the reports of a highly credible source(s). The Common Sense Show is pleased to announce that arrests have been made in conjunction with this event and eventually I will be able to provide more details.
If such an event ever came to fruition, it could potentially paralyze this nation and bring the economy to a standstill. Subsequently, the grocery store shelves could be empty within two days and food riots would likely commence by sundown of the second day. All Americans would instantly be in danger. Local law enforcement would be overwhelmed. What would be your chances of survival? Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that FEMA has conducted research studies on America’s level of preparedness and the news is not good. FEMA concluded that 72% of all Americans are not prepared to survive what is coming In other words, when society begins to fragment, you and your fellow preppers are outnumbered by a 3 to 1 margin.
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UN ‘Concerned’ for Refugees as Mad Max-Style Train Seals Hungary-Serbia Border

from The Daily Sheeple:

An apocalyptic-looking train fitted with razor wire has been deployed to seal the last gap in Hungary’s border with Serbia, amid UN agency warnings that fences and tougher border controls are not a solution to the dire refugee crisis.
Each country has the right to protect its borders, the United Nations refugee agency acknowledged, yet warning that Hungary’s protective fence, built on its Serbian border to keep the influx of migrants out, could limit the rights of those people seeking asylum.
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China Stimulus Package On the Way

from Outsider Club:

Headline GDP, factory output, property values, heavy-equipment sales, fixed asset investment…
All of these measures and more are painting an increasingly bleak picture of China’s economy. The slump has roiled stock markets (which were blown into a massive bubble) and spurred an emergency devaluation of the yuan.
Yet, the China’s economy continues to sputter. And that has policymakers weighing their options – including a multi-trillion yuan fiscal stimulus similar to the one deployed during the financial crisis.
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Washington Continues To Violate 1972 Treaty On Bio-Warfare – Wayne Madsen

from The News Doctors:
The U.S. government has refused to provide the veterans who were subjected to chem-bio experimentation with still classified documents that would expose America’s continuing use of dangerous and often lethal substances for warfare.
Coupled with the refusal by the U.S. military to provide affected veterans with the requested files on America’s chem-bio warfare program is the Pentagon’s recent disclosure that live anthrax samples were sent from the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah to all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and nine nations – Canada, Japan, Britain, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland.
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Nestle CEO: Corporations Come Before Humanity

from SageOfQuay:

This is a stunning (and I mean stunning) interview. This is for anyone who is still walking around in an unawakened stupor… in this interview – water is not a human right… these are the people running the world folks… it’s time to pop your head out of your butt and wake up…

The Ravages of War

by Bill Holter, JS Mineset:
There is so much to comment on today it’s hard to know where to start. As the title suggests, “war” seems to be the theme. Before getting into the meat, I read an article by Simon Black “The last time this happened was …never” http://www.sovereignman.com/trends/the-last-time-this-happened-was-never-17438/. This was quite a good piece and extremely correct but misses the point I tried to make yesterday and one I will try again with today. He is right on target, we have a superpower waning, technology advancing faster than ever and all wrapped around a financial bubble of unprecedented size. Yes it presents risk and offers opportunity …but this is not about “money”, rather it is about “the” money.
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The Mandela Effect: What in the Hell Is a BerenSTAIN Bear?!

from TruthStreamMedia:
My life was totally normal (well, as normal as one’s life gets when they work in the alternative media wherein they pretty much spend most of their time pointing out how fake and contrived everything is).
That is, until last Friday.
That’s when I was sent a bevy of information on something dubbed “The Mandela Effect”.
Now nothing will ever be the same ever again.
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Big Lie: U.S. Allies with Saudis ‘Because We’re Addicted to Their Oil’

from Washington’s Blog:
On Saturday, September 12th, In Syria and elsewhere, the U.S. allies with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations that back or even install ISIS and Al Qaeda Islamic jihadists, even while the U.S. wages war against those jihadists. This has puzzled some people, because the U.S. propaganda-line about the matter doesn’t make much sense.
For example, the “Billionaire Scion Tom Friedman” wrote in his NYT column, on September 2nd:
It is not an accident that several thousand Saudis have joined the Islamic State or that Arab Gulf charities have sent ISIS donations. It is because all these Sunni jihadist groups — ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Nusra Front — are the ideological offspring of the Wahhabism injected by Saudi Arabia into mosques and madrasas from Morocco to Pakistan to Indonesia. And we, America, have never called them on that — because we’re addicted to their oil [emphasis mine].
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The Economic Collapse for Dummies

from CrushTheStreet:

Company Responsible For Hillary’s Servers Drops 2-Sentence Truth Bomb She Didn’t Want To Hear

from Western Journalism:
The company responsible for maintaining Hillary Clinton’s private email server stated that it has no reason to believe it has been “wiped.”
There is a difference between “wiping” and deleting emails from a server according to Platte River Networks.
Company spokesman Andy Boian stated“Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped. All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”
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Navy secretary ‘THREW US UNDER THE BUS,’ say Marines in gender-integrated infantry experiment

by Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Washtington Post:
Marines involved in a controversial experiment evaluating a gender-integrated infantry unit say they feel betrayed by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus after he criticized the results of a nine-month study that found women are injured more frequently and shoot less accurately in simulated combat conditions.
“Our secretary of the Navy completely rolled the Marine Corps and the entire staff that was involved in putting this [experiment] in place under the bus,” said Sgt. Danielle Beck, a female anti-armor gunner with the task force.
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