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Dependence On Central Banks Is "Unrealistic And Dangerous", BIS Warns

"All this points to weaknesses in domestic and international policy arrangements - arrangements that have so far been unable to constrain sufficiently the build-up and unwinding of hugely damaging financial booms and busts across countries.Hence a world in which debt levels are too high, productivity growth too weak and financial risks too threatening. This is also a world in which interest rates have been extraordinarily low for exceptionally long and in which financial markets have worryingly come to depend on central banks' every word and deed, in turn complicating the needed policy normalisation. It is unrealistic and dangerous to expect that monetary policy can cure all the global economy's ills."

Debt Expansion Hit EPIC New Highs as China and Japan Lose Control!

from The Money GPS:

A Major Bank Just Made Global Financial "Meltdown" Its Base Case: "The Worst The World Has Ever Seen"

"Of all the possible risk scenarios the meltdown scenario is, realistically speaking, the most likely to occur. It is actually a more realistic outcome than the capital stock adjustment scenario. If China’s economy, the second largest in the world, twice the size of Japan’s, were to lapse into a meltdown situation such as this one, the effect would more than likely send the world economy into a tailspin. Its impact could be the worst the world has ever seen."

Equity Markets, Credit Creation, & The Central Bank's Ultimate Priority

global bank credit looks like it is already contracting in key markets, such as China, in which case global fundamentals are definitely deteriorating. This being the case, it will take increasing amounts of newly-issued money from the central banks to perpetuate the illusion that markets are rising, and that the economy is still growing, with or without state-directed buying of equities.

Barrons "Analyzes" Alibaba, Hilarity Ensues

"Psychopaths Are Running The World" Former US Marine Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag, Exposes Real Agenda

"We have tortured and killed and maimed and raped around this planet. We don't operate under international law... who in their right mind would consider the United States or the West in general to be in any position to punish anybody? All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets, they don't serve the people there is no real democracy, they serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money....wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians. Psychopaths are running the world." - Ken O'Keefe, former US Marine

"Tick... Tock"

8 years to fix the malfunctioning heart of the world’s financial and legal systems but nothing was actually done... and now the clock is ticking and there is hardly any time left. The number of red lights now blinking at us, largely ignored by those who are supposed to be flying this thing, is growing all the time. It is not that any one of them is a clear harbinger of the end but taken together they paint a dismal and coherent picture – of a system eating itself. The world in which and for which our old system was built is now changing around it in fundamental ways.

We The Sheeplez have always been told what they like...Here's a New Sports Team you will either LOVE...Or you are a traitor to the U.S and are the enemy...
Introducing the...The New York Nazi's...Soon every state will have a new team to compete in the Nazi games...Southern California will join next...

New Yorkers That Dont Have ‘Enhanced ID’ with RFID Could Face Travel Restrictions

from DAHBOO77:

Inflation and Bubbles and Tulips: Crash Course Economics

from The Victory Report:

In which Adriene and Jacob teach you about how and why prices rise. Sometimes prices rise as a result of inflation, which is a pretty normal thing for economies to do. We’ll talk about how across the board prices rise over time, and how economists track inflation. Bubbles are a pretty normal thing for humans to do. One item, like tulips or beanie babies or houses or tech startups experience a rapid rise in prices. This is often accompanied by speculation, a bunch of outrageous profits, and then a nasty crash when the bubble bursts. People get excited about rising prices, and next thing you know, people are trading their life savings for a tulip bulb.

Iran Says It Finds "Unexpectedly High Uranium Reserve"

While we await for thr Russian secret service to leak photos of Iran's Revolutionary Guard in Syria, thereby stirring the pot on the latest and greatest proxy war in the middle east, one which would promptly disintegrate any last remaining shred of "victory" from Obama's alleged coup in restoring relations with an Iran, which couldn't even wait for the signing of the "Nuclear" deal before turning its back on Obama and siding with Putin in Syria, we were particularly amused to learn that just yesterday Iran announced it has discovered an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium and will soon begin extracting the radioactive element at a new mine.

Of course the Assholes can't see the same thing right under their noses...actually they can...They just don't want to tell you or they will have to commit suicide with a nail gun to the back of their head...

100% Of US Economists Think China Is Lying About GDP Growth, WSJ Finds

"More than 96% of respondents to the latest Wall Street Journal survey of 64 economists–not all of whom answered every question–said China’s gross-domestic-product estimates don’t accurately reflect the state of the world’s second-biggest economy. None of the respondents said China’s GDP was expanding 7% or more."

The 9/11 Heist

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

In 1998, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey agreed to privatize the World Trade Center, the complex of office towers in Lower Manhattan that they had owned and operated since their construction in 1973. In April 2001 an agreement was reached with a consortium of investors led by Silverstein Properties and on July 24th, 2001 Larry Silverstein, who already owned World Trade Center Building 7, signed a 99 year lease for the Twin Towers and Buildings 4 and 5.
The lease was for $3.2 billion, and was financed by a bridge loan from GMAC, the commercial mortgage arm of General Motors, as well as $111 million from Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre, individual real estate investors. Silverstein Properties only put down $14 million of its own money.
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Steen Jakobsen: Why The Fed Must Raise Rates Before It's Too Late

Saxo Bank's Chief Economist, Steen Jakobsen, says that the recent sell-off in the market has scared investors away, warning that volatility remains high as people await the Federal Reserve's decision on what to do about a rate rise. His base case is that there will be a hike next week, adding that if it doesn't happen this month, it could become too late to act.

50 Defense Dept. Whistleblowers Slam "Stalinist" Pentagon Officials For Lying About ISIS

The Pentagon has erupted in “revolt” amid claims from 50 intelligence analysts that senior defense officials manipulated intelligence reports to downplay the severity of the Islamic State’s increasing upper-hand in the Middle East.

China's Economy Continues To Crumble As Key Data Is Worst In 15 Years

China's global meltdown-inducing "adjustment" continues unabated as fixed asset investment is weakest since 2000.

Neocons Still Seeking Confrontation with Russia in Syria and Ukraine

from Webster Tarpley Radio:

US-Led Western Nations Plan Escalated War On Syria

from The Sleuth Journal:
Obama’s proxy war on Syria is in its fifth year – using Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists as proxy foot soldiers, supported by US terror bombing of Syrian infrastructure targets on the phony pretext of defeating ISIS.
Britain, Canada and Israel are involved, complicit in Washington’s campaign against Assad – their warplanes covertly terror bombing Syrian infrastructure targets along with America’s.
UK SAS special forces masquerading as ISIS fighters operate covertly on the ground – likely with their US and Israeli counterparts.
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It’s Back To Dysfunctional Washington

from Western Journalism:
A general As Congress and their symbiotic bureaucratic, media and lobbyist co-conspirators return to Washington after a month’s vacation, they will find they missed all the explosive summer fun.
It was not pleasurable but the government did detonate the Colorado Gold King Mine in August when the Environmental Protection Agency tested how new procedures could be used to clean-up one of the hundreds of abandoned mines in the American west.
The EPA has been struggling with pollution control since 1980 when newspaper reports of benzene and dioxin traces were found in property owned by a school at Love Canal, New York and Congress established a Superfund under the EPA to clean up the most dangerous chemical waste sites.
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