Thursday, September 17, 2015

WARNING: The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History Is About To Unfold – How Fortunes Will Be Made And Lost

from KingWorldNews:
There are so many black swans circling at this point. So there is no chance of a U.S. interest rate hike as I have been saying for a while. … All central banks will do whatever they can to hold rates down. The problem is that the bond market is the biggest bubble in the world and at some point there will be a major panic in the bond market.
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"We Will Have A Downturn", Dalio Warns, Return To QE Inevitable

"What scares me, or what worries me, is what the next downturn in the economy looks like, with asset prices where they are and a lesser ability of central banks to ease monetary policy."

Decades-Long "Megadrought" Looms For Entire US As Lake Powell Runs Dry, NASA Warns

This Is What Yellen Said About Negative Rates Coming To The US

"I don’t expect that we’re going to be in a path of providing additional accommodation. But if the outlook were to change in a way that most of my colleagues and I do not expect, and we found ourselves with a weak economy that needed additional stimulus, we would look at all of our available tools. And that would be something that we would evaluate in that kind of context."
- Janet Yellen.

Nigeria Central Bank Urges "Don't Panic" As Banks Halt Lending To Each Other

"I do not think there is any need for anybody to panic..."

Peter Schiff: "Once Again Fed's Bark Fails To Live Up To Its Bite"

As we have maintained continuously, rate hike talk from the Fed is just a bluff to disguise its inability to tighten, as even small increases could be sufficient to prick the biggest bubble it has ever inflated. When will these "experts" finally connect the real dots and discover that the monetary medicine that the Fed has doused over the economy since 2008 has only created a weak and utterly dependent economy. A rate hike is supposed to be a signal that the economy has a clean bill of health. But as the patient fails to recover, another dose of QE will be just what the doctor orders.

Japanese Stocks/USDJPY Plunge As China Cracks Down On Aggressive-Buying By "Sinister Stock Squads"

Despite the approval of various Asian nation officials (e.g. Japan's Amari: "Fed decision appropriate"), it appears non-hawkishness is not enough to keep the dream alive. Japan's Nikkei 225 is down over 600 points from its post-FOMC spike highs, and USDJPY has tumbled over 1 handle - back below 120.00. Chinese stocks are extending losses after last night's late tumble, as ironically, China's securities regulator has uncovered a number of market manipulators who boosted prices of some stocks to sky-high levels during the peak of the bull market, attracting numerous followers who have suffered heavy losses in the recent market crash. The PBOC strengthened the Yuan fix for the 2nd day in a row (by the most in 2 weeks).

War Is The Health Of The State - Protecting Yourself From "Financial Tyranny"

Our current monetary system is the root cause of many evils of today. Let’s take war, a topic we discussed in this article, as an example. Without a monetary system that creates currency out of thin air, most of the wars that we have had and still have would simply not be financeable. This system is controlled by a few, who change the rules to their own benefit. And as we have seen they use their privileges to finance wars and to bribe politicians. By holding your wealth in precious metals you are rejecting the current system and also protecting yourself from “financial tyranny”. This includes: capital controls, expropriation, bail-ins, bailouts, negative interest rates, market manipulation on a wide scale and massive paper currency fluctuations.

Assad Goes On Offense, Bombs ISIS "Capital", Deploys New Russian Weapons

"There are modern weapons that the regime didn't previously have, be they rocket launchers or air to ground to missiles."

Vote With Your Feet: Free States Are Happier & Richer

The greater the economic freedom, the wealthier and happier the people. States with more libertarian free market policies enjoy better results: greater median incomes, a more equitable distribution, less poverty, greater success for minorities and immigrants, and higher overall levels of happiness and well-being. In the political rhetoric landscape the battle of ideology is fierce and filled with demagoguery; in the real world the difference in results between competing economic policies are strikingly clear.

The GOP's De-Donaldization Strategy Exposed (In 1 Simple Chart)

We previously explained what appeared to be Republican leadership's plan to 'deal with' The Donald's status quo upsetting rise. As the following chart shows, last night's debate, as we noted here, seemed to put that plan into action... but, for now, it did not work.

How Mario Draghi Can Force The Swiss National Bank To Go "Nuclear" On Depositors

In today's centrally planned world, the proliferation of NIRP means that nothing is sacred - not even a Swiss bank account...

The Misguided Paperati & Bifurcated 'Gold' Markets

The gold market seems to have bifurcated: one market for largely paper speculation and high leverage, and another for the purchase and distribution of actual physical bullion. This is a problem because the attitude towards gold among the status quo in the West has become rigidly dogmatic, supported by years of lazy thinking and a determined the campaign of ridicule and propaganda to try and extend the unsustainable. There is going to be a reconciliation of attitudes and realities at some point, and like vast tectonic plates unable to move but building greater and greater pressure, the longer that the status quo and their courtiers try to maintain their modern aristocracy, the more dramatic that change may be when it finally comes.

Yellen Responds To Allegations The Fed Is Responsible For America's Record Wealth Gap

"There have been a number of studies that have been done recently that have tried to take account of many different ways in which monetary policy acting through different parts of the transmission mechanism affect inequality, and there's a lot of guesswork involved, and different analyses can come up with different things. But a pretty recent paper that's quite comprehensive concludes that the -- that Fed policy has not exacerbated income inequality."

The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds

The Nazis poisonous legacy lives on in a thousand crazed internet conspiracy theorists, who depict Jacob Rothschild as the ruler of a global dominion. Their anti-Semitic ravings fueled by the family’s long standing links with Israel.” – Channel 4 documentary ‘The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds’
by SGT, SGT Report:

While doing some research tonight I stumbled upon this glossy propagandist piece about the Rothschilds which is carefully crafted to illicit empathy for this family who were once, according to the documentary, considered to be little more than “nouveau riche Jews”, the ultimate outsiders in British high society. It’s called ‘The Aristocrats‘. Produced by Channel 4 in the UK, the documentary is described this way, ‘The Rothschilds are the most famous family in the world, known for being enormously wealthy and enormously private, fueling endless speculation about the real extent of their power.”
The first five minutes alone are worth every second of your time. In the first few minutes you will find the following sentence: “Far away from public view, the famously discreet Billionaire is hosting a private party to celebrate an art world coup. In 2007 he paid 5 million pounds for Jean Chardin’s subtle masterpiece “Boy With a House of Cards”.
My friends, the actual name of the Chardin painting is “Boy Building a House of Cards“. If you are fully awake, you must find such information about one of the world’s richest Bankers very telling, and very amusing. Jacob Rothschild bought the painting just one year prior to the 2008 economic crisis.
At 14 minutes and 40 seconds into this documentary Jacob says, “We saw clearly in 2008, of course the world’s financial system was coming to an end, and we saw that coming.” Hard cut. Channel 4 won’t allow you to hear the rest of what Jacob had to say about that.
At 4:38, there’s this absolute gem: “His guests at Waddesdon are not confined to the nobility and the newly rich. Royalty and Presidents also come here. Each time planting a tree in commemoration. Their spades left gleaming in the corridor leading to the visitor lavoratories.”
Honestly, this is priceless. The shovels that Kings, Queens and Presidents used to dig holes on the Rothschild estate are left on display in the hallway… leading to the visitor toilets. Are you starting to get the picture?
And one least thing, as you watch Jacob spend tens, and perhaps hundreds of millions of pounds on sculptures, art installations and new buildings in which to display it all, the premise here that he is worth a mere $550 million pounds becomes utterly laughable. ~SGT

Obama’s Thermonuclear War Drive Has Been Stymied; But Only Obama’s Removal from Power Can Assure Peace

from LaRouchePAC:
President Barack Obama’s drive to provoke a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia has been stymied through a series of war-avoidance moves that have fundamentally altered the global strategic landscape.
The key initiating blow to Obama’s effort was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brilliant flanking maneuver in Syria. Now it is universally confirmed that Russia has established a deeper military presence inside Syria.  A new Russian-built airbase near Latakia on the northern Syrian Mediterranean coast will be completed within several weeks.  The Islamic State and Nusra Front offensive to oust President Bashar Assad has been set back by the Russian actions.  President Obama is in a state of rage, but is boxed in by the Putin actions.  Putin has deepened the trap for Obama by pressing for the US President to agree to a face-to-face meeting later this month in New York City on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.  Putin’s speech before the General Assembly will set forth a proposal for a global war against the Islamic State and other, allied terrorists.
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from The Next News Network:

It’s well-known that you have to make a declaration if you physically transport $10,000 or more in cash or monetary instruments in or out of the US, or almost any other country; governments collude on these things, often informally.

Donald Trump and Gladiator Politics

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:
Donald Trump has led the Republican Party into a dangerous trap. Republicans are now competing for tv ratings rather than a serious run for the White House. It’s the “Republican Hopefuls Reality TV Show,” promoted heavily in advance by CNN as a modernized form of gladiator battle.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, Reality TV is a television program “in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative.” Wikipedia goes further, writing that “the focus tends to be on drama and personal conflict, rather than simply educating viewers.”
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CNN tried to destroy Donald Trump with vaccine autism question, but he gave this AMAZING response

by Mike Adams, Natural News:
During the widely televised Republican debates hosted by CNN, debate moderators tried to destroy Donald Trump with a “gotcha” question about vaccines and autism.
As Natural News readers know, a top CDC scientist has publicly confessed to taking part in the CDC’s fraudulent cover-up of data linking vaccines to autism in African-Americans. Both the CDC and the mainstream media — including CNN — have gone to tremendous lengths to censor this news, bury the truth and pretend that vaccines have no links to autism.
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So About Those ‘Wonder’ Drugs..

by Karl Denninger, Market-Ticker:
Yes, it’s all about health. Our health. That’s what these “wonder drugs” that the companies come up with sell us. Oh, and they do sell us on them too — advertising up the ying-yang, something that in other nations, and ours until not all that long ago, was forbidden, never mind all the lobbying of doctors and others in the medical field that goes on.
Risperdal is a billion-dollar antipsychotic medicine with real benefits — and a few unfortunate side effects.
It can cause strokes among the elderly. And it can cause boys to grow large, pendulous breasts; one boy developed a 46DD bust.
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Should You Actually Worry About Gold Confiscation?

from Truth in Gold:
Most gold owners are familiar with worries of forced government gold confiscation – that one day black-ops shock teams will toss homes to find that stash of coins and bars.
The sole historical source for the modern fear of “confiscation” was President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 Executive Order 6102 telling America to cough up its gold in the midst of The Great Depression.
But closely reading FDR’s infamous order offers a sobering perspective, which doesn’t fit the ever-evolving folklore. This reality might calm some confiscation fears…
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Gold remains money

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:
We think we know that gold is no longer money, because Keynesians and monetarists insist it is so.
Furthermore, it has been replaced by government currencies, which we use to buy and sell, do our accounts and pay our taxes. While it is undoubtedly true that gold is no longer used for transactions in all but a few places in Asia, this common assumption has no basis in fact.
It is one thing for macroeconomists of all veins to theorise about the contents of the dustbin of history, but the choice people make is what really matters. Humanity has an infinite capacity for adapting and using what is either made available or forced upon them. But just because they have adapted and used government currencies as their circulating media, they have not always given up on gold as the money of choice to retain a store of value.
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Obamessiah Meets Pope Francis as Misleaders Converge on UN

from corbettreport :

Jim Rogers & Chris Waltzek

from GoldSeekRadiodotcom:
  • From the Big Apple, NY, NY, Jim Rogers views the upcoming Fed rate decision tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 17, could be a game-changing moment.
  • The current implied probability of the 30-Day Fed Funds Futures indicates only a 22% likelihood of a rate hike at tomorrow’s FOMC meeting.
  • Nevertheless, the financial powerhouse shares Axel Merk’s sentiments, Fed Chair Janet Yellen could surprise investors with a token rate hike.
  • Eventually market forces will overwhelm monetary policies. He remains bullish, especially on the yellow metal in the long-term horizon.
  • “… Gold will be in a bubble someday, don’t worry…”
  • Cash is king – his analysis indicates that the Greenback will continue to ascend for the time being, enter bubble like conditions.
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Gold And Silver Surge, China And Russia’s Plans And Why We Are Not Ready For What Is Rapidly Bearing Down On Us

from KingWorldNews:
With the Fed releasing its decision on interest rates tomorrow, today a 50-year market veteran spoke with King World News about the surge in gold and silver, China and Russia’s plans and why we are not ready for what is rapidly bearing down on us.
John Embry: “I’m surprised to see gold and silver taking off a bit heading into the Fed decision tomorrow, but I shouldn’t be having seen the fantastic piece KWN ran with Jason Goepfert
“Now if one looks at the turmoil in emerging markets and listens to the various advice emanating from various international organizations, one would have to bet on no rate hike at this point.
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