Friday, September 11, 2015

You Must Plan for the Next Financial Crisis BEFORE it Happens...

by JS Kim, GoldSeek:
On 23 April 2008, I stated in this article that an “imminent disaster [ ] await[ed] US stock markets”, and that “people seem[ed] to [have forgotten] one central and critical point. Most people seem to believe that they have to lose a great deal of money when crises materialize and forget that it is absolutely possible to prosper during crises as well. Thus, because they feel they must suffer during a crisis, the ‘shoot the messenger of bad news’ syndrome commences.” Many people laughed off my article back then, calling it idiotic, stating that they were happily “all in” and gladly would make tons of money in a rising US stock market while I stayed on the sidelines. Bu now, of course we all know that a US market crash started just a couple of weeks later after I wrote this article, and didn’t stop falling until its valuation had been cut in half. This year, on July 25th, I vlogged here that US crony bankers had shut down the NYSE to prevent a stock market crash that had started to materialize that very day. Again, my vlog elicited some that said they were “not buying” what I believed at the time to be the most plausible explanation, based upon facts, of why bankers shut down the NYSE, which by the way, was an unprecedented move. Just one month later, in case people remained skeptical of my warning on July 25th, I followed up my previous warning with a much more urgent tweet that the bankers would not be able to stop the US stock market crash that they had stopped on July 25th. I released this more urgent warning on August 20th, just one day before the Dow Jones Industrial Index plummeted by more than 1,600 points in the following two days.
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Nomi Prins, Keynote Speaker Who Recently Addressed The Fed, IMF And World Bank, Warns Of Total Global Collapse

from KingWorldNews:
We’re in the moment right now where this is coming to a head. That’s why we’ve seen this activity to the downside in markets and that’s why we see these 500 – 1,000 point intraday swings in markets. Those are all signs of turning from this artificially stimulated bull market into a bear market…

The Century’s Best Performing Asset

Eric Sprott, James Turk and George Soros all believe this company is advancing the digital payments revolution by helping people securely acquire, store, and now spend gold with unprecedented simplicity. Accounts are free and can be opened in minutes. They provide users with a secure vault account to purchase and hold gold, the ability to make and receive instant gold payments, and a prepaid card for spending gold at traditional points of sale.
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Bank Of Japan Buying Power Runs Dry: "If They Don't Increase Now, It's Going To Be A Shock!"

Having stepped in a stunning 76% of days to ensure the market closed green, it appears, as Bloomberg reports, time (or money) is running out for Kuroda and the BoJ having spent 78 percent of its allotment as of Sept. 7. "They've only got a little bit left in their quota," notes one trader, "The BOJ had a big role in supporting the market," he implored, "if they don’t increase purchases now, it’s going to be a shock."

The Human Cost Of Socialism In Power

The attempt to establish a comprehensive socialist system in many parts of the world over the last one hundred years has been one of the cruelest and most brutal episodes in human history. When voices are raised today calling for socialism in America, including by those attempting to win a major party candidacy to run for the presidency of the United States, it is important – no, it is crucial – that the history and reality of socialism-in-practice in those parts of the world in which it was most thoroughly imposed and implemented be remembered and fully understood. If we do not, well, history has its own ways of repeating itself.

Visualizing China's Mind-Boggling Consumption Of The World's Raw Materials

Over the last 20 years, the world economy has relied on the Chinese economic growth engine more than it would like to admit. The 1.4 billion people living in the world’s most populous country account for 13% of global GDP, which is significant no matter how it is interpreted. However, in the commodity sector, China has another magnitude of importance. The fact is that China consumes mind-bending amounts of materials, energy, and food. That’s why the prospect of slowing Chinese growth is likely to continue as a source of nightmares for investors focused on the commodity sector.

The Petroyuan Cometh: Launch Of Renminbi-Denominated Oil Futures Contract Imminent

"One-by-one, the oil-majors will start to participate, then others will follow. While it might take some time to establish itself due to choppy markets and regulatory hurdles as well as the fact that it would introduce a foreign exchange element to crude futures, it is overdue for a Chinese contract to established."

Fourth Turning: Crisis Of Trust

We're beginning to believe the nation will not be unified behind a common cause when the coming financial eruption unleashes molten lava of chaos, punishing economic distress, civil strife, class warfare, race wars, and ultimately global war. As Strauss and Howe foretold, the establishment (aka corporate fascist military industrial surveillance state) has seen a sequential loss of popular trust as their blatant corruption, sociopathic stranglehold on the levers of power, and unrelenting greed have angered the critical thinking aware citizens of this country. The next leg down in this Greater Depression will sever the remaining trust, disintegrating any remaining support for the existing civic order. What comes next will be heavily dependent upon whether the 5% to 10% of liberty minded believers in the Constitution are able to gain the trust of the masses.

It's Official: The Next Recession Will Definitely Not Happen In 2018

As a rule, the only people worse at their jobs than weathermen are economists and the only real difference between the two professions is that when the weatherman gets it wrong, you get caught in the rain without an umbrella, but when an economist that someone installed in the Eccles Building gets it wrong, there’s the very real potential for the financial universe to collapse.

Outrageous Silver Speculation

by Gary Christenson, Gold Silver Worlds:
The silver prices shown at the end of this article are outrageous and unlikely … as unlikely as the following seemed before they happened:
  1. Two jets taking down 3 buildings on 9-11.
  2. Assassination of a sitting president (JFK) by an organized conspiracy.
  3. Gold rallying from $42 to $850 in a little over 8 years.
  4. The hyperinflation in Weimar Germany in the early 1920s.
  5. Central banks printing Trillions of dollars in “funny money” since 2008 while maintaining near zero interest rates – for which they are applauded.
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Inside Ground Zero Of Canada's Recession

In the past year, we have extensively profiled the collapse of ground zero of Canada's oil industry as a result of the plunge in the price of oil. Since then it has only gotten far worse. As Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute points out, in a report from the Financial Post shows that Calgary in Alberta Canada now has 1.7 million square feet of empty office space, the most in North America with another 5.2 million under construction! But that's just the beginning, because for many recent millionaires, the real cash crunch has finally arrived which means business is thriving for at least one industry: pawn shops.

$20 Oil? Goldman Says It's Possible

"While we are increasingly convinced that the market needs to see lower oil prices for longer to achieve a production cut, the source of this production decline and its forcing mechanism is growing more uncertain, raising the possibility that we may ultimately clear at a sharply lower price with cash costs around $20/bbl Brent prices."

You decide...I have enough shit to worry about...

THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad


On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book Methodical Deception. New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the “official story”, forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.
You are invited to share, rip or re-upload this video in order to spread it to the four winds. But please do not edit, shorten or alter it in any way.


from TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles:

Chemicals in the Water ‘Turning Male Fish into Females’

by Barbara Minton, Natural Society:
Male fish are becoming hermaphroditic due to environmental insults (such as chemicals in the water), says participants in a new study from North Carolina State University not yet published. Where they once had the usual testes containing abundant sperm that made them suitable for reproduction, male fish now may have testes that contain eggs, and their ability to reproduce has become questionable. [1]
What is causing such an unnatural occurrence? Powerful endocrine disrupters known as xenoestrogens are the culprit, according to the study authors. These are estrogens similar in structure to the estrogens made in the body of the female of the species, but in males as well as females, they function as hormone disruptors. Xenoestrogens have become ubiquitous in the environment. They come from things man-made, including pollution, pesticides, and plastics.
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9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

from corbettreport :

Crossing Borders with Gold and Silver Coins – a Glimpse of Things to Come

from International Man:
It’s well-known that you have to make a declaration if you physically transport $10,000 or more in cash or monetary instruments in or out of the US, or almost any other country; governments collude on these things, often informally.
Gold has always been in something of a twilight zone in that regard. It’s no longer officially considered money. So it’s usually regarded as just a commodity, like copper, lead, or zinc, for these purposes. The one-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf and US Eagle both say they’re worth $50 of currency.
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Lord Of The Flies: Dytopia Is Arriving

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero – Voltaire
I was driving around Denver yesterday doing my “boots on the ground” due diligence scouting of the local housing market. I continue to see some “sold” and “under contract” signs but I’m seeing a pile-up forming in new “for sale,” “price reduced,” and “for rent” signs. The traffic update on the sports radio reported a back-up at an intersection in Denver caused by a fist-fight that had broken out between two drivers. This country is sliding back into neanderthal times.
The U.S. economic system is slipping into dystopia and the Government/Fed is doing everything it can to try and prevent the process. The two most obvious signs of this are the perpetual market interventions by the PPT to prevent a stock market dump and the relentless propaganda flowing through the mainstream media which originates from the policy-implementing elitists (business and political). Both efforts are insidious attempts to force control over our system
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The Myth of Chinese Capitalism

from Greanville Post:
One of the great fabrications of Western mainstream media, among academics and on Wall Street is that China, starting in 1978 with Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms, became a capitalist country. The favorite Western shibboleth bandied about is that, China’s authoritarian regime (it’s almost never called a government) runs a system of state capitalism. This is said with a genuflecting air of superiority and righteous consternation, because it’s not quite copacetic; it smells like warmed over chop suet.
State capitalism is supposed to mean that China’s leaders, whom I collectively call Baba Beijing, map out grand national plans and mandate to China’s businesses what they are to do and not to do, whether they like it or not, markets be damned, and tax incentives and subsidies are offered to push them in the desired direction. This so called state capitalism is considered to be inherently unfair, since Western capitalism mythically only responds to the needs of “free markets” and the “free movement” of capital, investments and goods across our Planet, in search of profits.
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The Massive Debt Bomb is Going to Explode: “We Are Reaching a Limit”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Debt now defines us.
Personal and household debt is at unprecedented historical levels. Many Americans are stretched many times past their limit with no hope of getting out of the black. Student loan debt is its own huge bubble, waiting to burst, and perhaps big enough to trigger another crisis in its own right. Dozens of states and cities are on the verge of default, as are places like Puerto Rico.
Then there’s federal government debt. The next round of drama in the debt ceiling charade is coming up this fall. Partisan politics will be showcased, and programs targeted for cuts, before Congress once again rubber stamps putting the country into further rounds of endless debt. The Fiscal Times reports:
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Five Fascinating Signs That Indicate a Recession Is Imminent

from Ready Nutrition:
At some point or another, we’ve all wished that we had a crystal ball that could tell us what’s going to happen next. The world can be a hell of a scary place sometimes, and having an idea of what the future may hold can be a lifesaver. Nowhere is this more applicable than with the economy.
The global financial system is a force that none of us have any substantial control over. All we can hope to do is ride the booms and busts of our economy as best we can. However, if we can catch even a small glimpse of what’s to come, we can brace ourselves and our families for the hard times that are ahead.
Obviously, when an economy is enduring a downturn it affects every facet of society and the signs are everywhere, but some of these trends actually begin before the economy collapses. Here are a few that you may not have been aware of.
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