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Martin Armstrong Warns "The End Of The Noose Around Our Necks" Is Nigh

"The politicians cannot understand that they are destroying your future. All they can see is their need to retain power... We are reaching the end of this noose around our neck that was placed there by Marx. What you need to do is take back government. You cannot create a solution with the same line of thinking that created the current mess. The future belongs to the youth. Understand the devil you are dancing with. It is time to become politically active and challenge the establishment for that is the only way to save the future."

Your Complete Guide To A World In Which The Fed Is No Longer In Control

For those who have had the nagging feeling that something in the market has changed dramatically in the past few months, you are absolutely correct. Here is the full explanation.

The Fed Killed It

Not surprisingly, the failure of the Federal Reserve to hike overnight lending rates sent a clear message to the markets that the economy was simply not strong enough to withstand tighter monetary policy. While Chairwoman Janet Yellen did her best to pass off the recent disinflationary trends as transient due to the decline in oil prices, the discussion of the potential for negative rates sent a very different message. The failure at overhead resistance, combined with a continued weak technical backdrop of momentum and relative strength, suggests that a retest of lows in the weeks ahead is a likely probability.


"Why Has It Suddenly Stopped Working": The Chart Every Trader Is Losing Sleep Over

As Citi's Matt King notes in what may be the only chart which traders should be obsessing over, "why has it suddenly stopped working", by which he means the market's favorable reaction to central bank liquidity injections. His question: "have central banks lost their touch" The answer will determine whether the next move in the market is 20% higher or lower.

Harvard Endowment Chief Warns Of Market Froth, Compares Rate Hike To Bubble-Bursting Catalyst

"We are proceeding with caution in several areas of the portfolio: many of our absolute return managers are accumulating increasing amounts of cash; we are being careful about not over-committing into illiquid investments in potentially frothy markets, while still ensuring we will be involved if market dislocations arise. ...  An interesting question emerges: could rising interest rates in 2016 have an analogous impact to falling house prices in 2007, where a range of largely unanticipated second-order effects was triggered?"

Budget Deficit Explodes Higher In Portugal After Government Throws In Towel On Bad Bank Sale

Newly-upgraded Portugal unleashed a budget bombsell on Wednesday when it revised its 2014 deficit higher by some 60% after a failure to liquidate the predecessor to bailed out Banco Espirito Santo left taxpayers holding a €5 billion bag.

Foreign Central Bank Buying Jumps In Blistering 5 Year Auction

After yesterday's unexpectedly strong 2 Year auction, and coupled with the latest market selloff, there were few dark skies ahead of today's auction of $35 billion in 5 Year paper. Furthermore, suggesting today's auction would be very strong was today's repo market which saw the 5Y trading special at -0.15% on the curve, just begging for a short squeeze into the auction. That is precisely what happened.

Despite Fed 'Fold', Emerging Market Currency Carnage Continues

Having cited China and EM concerns, The Fed's chickening out from a rate-hike was 'supposed' to provide some support from the drastically derisking emerging markets of the world... it did not. In fact, MSCI Emerging Market FX index just crashed to its lowest since September 2009 with Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia seeing the biggest plunges post-Fed.

Low Interest Rates Cannot Save A House Of Cards

While the Federal Reserve has chosen to keep the Federal Funds rate near zero, it is merely delaying the inescapable and inevitable result of its own monetary policy – another needed economic correction that its actions will have generated but which it will, no doubt, blame on the supposed “failures” of the market economy.

Retail Sales Worst Since 2009 For This Time Of Year

The last time September Retail Sales growth was this weak was 2009, limping aimlessly out of the 'Great Recession'. With a mere 0.9% year-over-year growth, Johnson-Redbook data seems to confirm what Reuters reports is looming - the weakest U.S. holiday sales season for retailers since the recession. Consultancy firm AlixPartners expects sales to grow 2.8-3.4% during the November-December shopping period compared with 4.4% in 2014, based on analyzing consumer spending trends so far this year, noting (myth-busting for permabulls) dollars saved at the pump are being directed to personal savings or on non-retail activities.

WTI Crude Crumbles To Test $44 Handle As Algos Run Stops, Read DOE Report

Having run the stops above Monday's panic-buying highs, algos appeared to recognize that oil production rose last week for the first time in 8 weeks (and the seasonals of inventory changes are about to turn unfavorable)... From a $47 peak post-DOE, WTI crude is back testing a $44 handle...

Financial Independence Via Self-Employment: How Do We Do It?

The conventional financial industry touts gaining financial independence by playing Wall Street's game: working a conventional job for decades to accumulate a chunk of money in retirement funds that Wall Street wizards magically squeeze for hefty annual returns in a zero-yield world--in a completely risk-free manner that keeps your nest egg intact, of course. Financial independence via self-employment is still possible, and there are a number of pathways to that goal.

Russia Threatens To Deploy Ballistic Missiles In Retaliation For US Nuclear Escalation

According to Interfax, Russia may deploy Iskander ballistic missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad should the US go ahead with plans to send 20 nukes to Germany.

Spot The Difference

One of these is the head of an organization with millions of religiously fanatical followers...


from The Burning Platform:

The total lock down of Philadelphia began yesterday. The socialist, left wing, rockstar pope arrives in the U.S. today, causing mass gridlock, lost economic productivity, and another opportunity for our Orwellian police surveillance state to flex its muscles and treat its citizens like cattle and sheep. It started with the lock down of Boston a couple years ago as the all-powerful State took a giant shit on the Fourth Amendment as they hunted down two teenage utensil bomb terrorists. The DHS thugs have continued to militarize Barney Fife police forces around the country. Every man, woman and child is treated like a terrorist when going to a god damn baseball or football game. As reported by Marketwatch, the pope will inconvenience millions in three large US cities over the next six days.
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In Colorado and New York, Common Core Commerical Vendors Can Follow Your Child Into the Bathroom

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The is one thing that can be said, for certain regarding the Obama administration and that is that they lover their data. Your doctor is not instructed to ask if you own a gun and this is supposed to be reported. Some doctors comply and some do not. What medicines you are taking are reported as is the expression of any “unhealthy attitudes”. When it comes to education, and Common Core, the Obama administration is going places, where no man has gone before. Here is an excerpt of an article written by Michelle Malkin. If this does not creep you out, then nothing will. The following is a description of an invasive data gathering program, sponsored by a Common Core affiliate in Colorado:
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Anonymous Launches “Operation Black October” Calling People To Remove Bank Deposits

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:
The precious metals community will find the latest from Anonymous interesting. But reading between the lines is critical…
Years ago I came to the conclusion that “Anonymous” is an enigma and contradictory in nature because some of the people that associate with it are genuine activists, but the enigma also appears to be infused with government operatives. At first glance, “Operation Black October” raises important questions worthy of further examination.
On September 20, Anonymous posted the following on their official website:
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FLASHBACK: Obama ‘Concerned’ by “Prospect of a NUCLEAR WEAPON Going Off in Manhattan”

from The Phaser:
The words are almost too horrific to be uttered publicly, and yet Obama spoke them in March, 2014. At a press conference with the Dutch Prime Minister at the Hague in the Netherlands, Obama said that he’s “much more concerned” by the prospect of a nuclear weapon exploding in Manhattan than he is with Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine.
Russia’s actions are a problem, [but] they don’t pose the number one national security threat to the United States. I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security, with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”
We must ask ourselves WHY does a nuclear nightmare like the one Obama described publicly cause “the leader of the free world” so much concern?
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British General Threatens ‘Mutiny’ If New Labour Leader Is Elected Prime Minister

from The Daily Sheeple:

When West Point professor William C. Bradford was forced to resign earlier this month for authoring several controversial articles, the media gave special attention to one of his papers titled ‘Alea Iacta Est: The U.S. Coup of 2017.’ In it, he explained the conditions that would be required for the US military to overthrow our government. The alarming article prompted YouGov to poll a thousand Americans, and ask them how they felt about a military takeover of the US. It turns out that a shocking 29% of the population could imagine a scenario, where they would support a military coup.
But considering recent events, perhaps that UK-based polling organization should turn their attention towards their own countrymen. After leftist politician Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party, an unnamed general serving with the British military contacted the Sunday Times, and essentially threatened a coup if Corbyn was ever elected Prime Minister.
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Agenda 2030 And The “New Economic World Order” – Coming This Year?

from The Sleuth Journal:

With Q3 of the 2015 fiscal year just around the corner, one cannot help but notice unprecedented unease in both financial and social spheres, and perhaps with good reason; with alternative media forecasters, national banks, and supranational institutions alike heralding the coming of “global depression” by the end of 2016, this consensus of seemingly strange bedfellows almost universally agree that something wicked this way comes.
These dire economic prognostications exist simultaneously in a world in which energy and development prospects, both nationally and transnationally, are being reworked – with equally profound implications as the aforementioned financial trend analysis. Be it the Obama Administration’s “Clean Power Plan” or the EU and China’splanned Neomalthusian 2030 carbon emission cutbacks, national entities the world over are positioning themselves for profound shifts in energy, development, trade, and even currency ahead of COP21 in Paris this December, or as some have deemed it, “Agenda 2030.”
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Fed, Central Banks Trapped – Gold Foundation of Exter’s Pyramid

from Gold Core:
The future direction of the planet is between the central bank’s counter-party paper Ponzi currency or the independence of real money.
Foresighted central banker John Exter is famous for his classification of risk assets. Using Exter’s Golden Pyramid the riskiest assets are those at the bottom of the pyramid and situated at the top of the apex is gold bullion – independent from the counter-party risk of central banks’ paper and electronic currency.
At the bottom of the wealth asset pyramid are overleveraged paper derivatives estimated to be a magnitude of up to six times the world’s wealth. An example of this is in Germany today where it was recently estimated that Deutsche Bank has a massive 70 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives. Meanwhile, annual GDP in Germany is just 4 trillion dollars.
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9/11 and Global Warming: Are They Both False Conspiracy Theories?

from Washington’s Blog:

September 11, 2015 “Information Clearing House” –  Some people have argued that global warming is a conspiratorial lie, deceiving the public for pernicious reasons. The most well known of these people is Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who in 2012 published a book entitled The Greatest Hoax, which warns people against “the global warming conspiracy.”
Some members of the 9/11 Truth Movement have endorsed this view. Believing that the Bush-Cheney administration conspired with others to claim falsely that America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11, they say that the government’s false conspiracy theory about 9/11 should make us suspicious that other governmental claims may also be conspiracies to mislead the public.
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Unbelievable: Look Who Obama Invited To Greet The Pope On His First U.S. Trip

from Western Journalism:
Even though Osama Bin Laden murdered thousands of Americans, the Obama administration respected his dead body under Muslim tradition. Out of diplomatic respect, President Obama has bowed to a Saudi King and a Japanese Emperor. He’s even worn turbans, ethnic robes, and Japanese kimonos.
Yet Obama shows total disrespect to millions of Americans by transforming Pope Francis’ White House visit into a politicized cattle call for gay and pro-abortion activists. Why does Obama support other cultures and countries, yet scorns millions of believers in Christ at home? Why does Obama go to extremes to accommodate Muslim terrorists but shows nothing but disdain for Christians?
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Economy Failing, China Dumping U.S. Bonds | Rob Kirby

from financeandliberty:

State Department spending followed foreign Clinton Foundation donors

from Washington Examiner:
Countries and companies that donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid Bill Clinton heavy fees for speeches saw an increase in State Department activity while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.
The presidential candidate’s supporters have dismissed as conspiracy theories allegations that she and her husband traded political favors for contributions to their foundation or for lucrative speaking engagements.
A Washington Examiner analysis of Clinton Foundation donors suggests the State Department ramped up its diplomatic activity, foreign assistance and/or investment in countries that gave to the Clinton Foundation and hosted Bill Clinton for high-profile speeches.
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